ON JUNE 30, 1995 AT 2:09 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  At this time throughout the world, there are so many who have adopted the practice, the vocation of preaching to thousands of others, their determinations, their evaluations on Spiritual facts, based on their interpretations, because they want attention.  Much of this attention attracts much monetary means.  This is what encourages them to elaborate on points that will be attractive to those who are searching for information that will help them arrive at a Special Place called ‘Heaven’.

There are so many instructions that are diabolical because of the one that is using this means as a profession, very often untrained, but also, who uses many emotional moments, actions, demonstrating full belief in what they are saying and supposedly instructing others in.  Financial gain is their point of interest.  Popularity is important to them, for through their popularity they will gather more to listen, and in many ways they become so demonstrative that they lose sight of what they are saying.

Drama is the key, dramatics is the way, and they oftentimes use musical instruments to distract the listeners from the content, the real content of what they did say.  When We hear some speak in earnest ways, describing what is right, what is wrong, the full definition is minus many sound facts, and the emotionalism that is extended covers false tracks.

The Father has sent This Gift of Divine Love, because of the need throughout the world for mankind to value the Soul that is placed within, in a Manner and in a Way that is the Foundation that gives strength to the will of the individual, so the child, as an individual, sees purpose in soundness, in truth, and can and should eliminate any false ideas, practices, interpretations and intentions of others that are not based on sound facts.

A loud voice, a dramatic voice is not always the best teacher.  Most times a soft voice, speaking logical words, definitions, has more strength, more direction, more value, because sincerity is totally evident.

Mankind has been Blessed through and by ‘this particular place’ in the world, because so much has been and is being given for all ages of mankind, all personalities, all degrees of intellect, and yes, all degrees of spirituality, Spiritual strength.  Sound Spiritual Facts are seen for what they truly are.  Shouting them out is not necessary, nor elaborating on them with music and amusing remarks, in no way gives strength to them.

It is sad to All of Us when We see so much Spiritual corruption, emotional spirituality being executed by those who are looking at their so-called ‘instructive measures’ as being the ultimate form of preaching.

I will close now because so much has been spoken.”

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