ON JUNE 30, 1995 AT 4:54 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.  I cannot describe to you My happiness in speaking through This Gift of The Father’s for the Souls of all living human beings, and for all who are yet to be born who will benefit by All that has been delivered, because of The Father’s Will, The Father’s Love for the Special Creation of His, man.

Prayer is an important part of man’s life, because prayer is a personal communication of adoration, of respect, of attention, and yes, requests.  This Miracle that has been given to a Particular Place is meant to spread throughout the world, so that all of mankind can grow mentally, physically, more spiritually close to The Father, to Our Heavenly Mother, to Saint Joseph, Who is The Spirit of God, and of course, to The Son of God Who walked the earth, sacrificed in an obvious manner, giving His human life for the benefit of Souls to be able to enter Heaven.

What a Beautiful, Historical Gift, that in Its Fullness, in Its Reasoning, in Its Divine Love, is being spoken about, instructed on, in this time in which you now live.  Your strength and the strength of all who will see, and practice using All the Words, the Directions that have passed through This Miracle for the benefit of all Souls present now and those who will follow in time, is a Blessing that could only be passed to man from The Divine.

Mankind in so many ways is constantly searching for information regarding what is spiritually sound, what is spiritually applicable to life, as life is today, though there are many heretics shouting loud empty praises, emphasizing only their own feeling of importance.  This Miracle of Divine Love has generously given to mankind Personal Attention, Personal Direction to mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, all religions.

The world has been Blessed as it was a long time ago.  This Blessing cannot be erased by some men’s inability to accept It.  Each day is a day in which mankind can more fully understand more about the Purpose of life, if he or she will but read What has been given.

A Blessing goes with My Words, a Love is within Each Word, a Prayer is within My Being, because We want all Souls to be able to enter The Kingdom of Heaven.  So be it.”

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