ON JULY 10, 1995 AT 11:50 AM


“I am Saint Charles.  This Miracle that The Father has designed in such Refinement, such Detail, such Generosity, such Love, must be passed throughout the world, no matter what type of rejection It might be subjected to.  It is difficult for mankind at this time in which you live, due to so many leniencies morally, physically, intellectually, that all ages are involved with.  When the word ‘moral’ is even suggested, We hear so many different considerations regarding what is morally acceptable, and also, how much more liberally morality is practiced because of the time, the progress that mankind has accepted.

As We look at children at the age of six and under, there is a sadness.  They are not being taught what is purity regarding what they do, what they say.  Cleanliness is not being expressed, because those in charge are so lax in matters of purity, cleanliness, manners, sound reasoning, that should be taught at a very early age of life.  Granted, We do not expect a six year old or younger to be taught The Commandments of God, but We do address this subject for those past the age of six, because of the Importance of the Soul that is within each life.

God does not create just certain human life with a Soul, and then make a decision that certain ones will not have a Soul.  All conceptions immediately are the custodians of a Soul.  It is a Precious Gift that nothing can compare to, compare with, because It is a Portion of The Father that no human words can describe.  No description of a vision could in any way describe what a Soul looks like.  It is in similarity to The Spirit of The Father, as It comes from Him.  It is and has a Holiness within It.  That is why It must be protected at all costs, in all ways, at all times.

Some who will read My Words will find Them difficult to accept, but that is only because human nature does not like to have certain specific responsibilities that are beyond the realm of what is logical to the mind.  This Miracle is a Miracle of Divine Love; also, I add, no human love can compare to It, because human love many times is but a figure of speech.  It is also designed to be a responsibility.  It is also many times not seen for the worth that it could be thought about, or should be protected, because mankind is lax in many ways where responsibility is evident.

Prayer is an important part of human life.  It is sometimes spoken frivolously, quickly, without thought, or as a habit.  Prayer is an important communication because through it and in it, one must concentrate to realize the value of it.  We hear some say, ‘I said a quick prayer for you.’ This has its good side and a weak side.  Was there sincerity in the prayer, or was it said like a quick offhanded motion, action, to appease another human being?

Mankind talks about love.  Mankind does not understand the value, the beauty, the importance of what ‘pure love’ contains.  It, in many ways, has a value all its own, because in ‘pure love’ there is a constant remembrance that there are Rules to live by, a reason for each Rule, and a Divine Purpose for the Goal for which each Rule was designed.

I do raise My hand in a Blessing for those who take the time, the responsibility to take My Words in script, so that millions and millions and millions of other human beings can learn more about the Importance of the Soul, and what manner of action can be practiced so that this Soul is returned to God Himself, in the Light that He presented It at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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