ON JULY 26, 1995 AT 1:29 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  There is no time in any day One of Us is not present to speak.  This little one The Father has chosen for this Major Task to be accomplished, is beyond many men’s comprehension, because they do not have the Faith to see how The Father would work in such a controversial time of spirituality, of Faith in The Father.

So many men and women gather in groups, depending upon each other for strength in Spiritual matters, all forgetting, of course, the dependence should be on their own structured Faith in God, and also remembering that they are example of their Faith, their beliefs, their understanding of the Importance of the Soul they are responsible for in the human way of life.

Ask yourself an important question:  If God has created man with a mentality that is capable of covering many subjects over and above any other living matter, manner, would not God use this creation for more than just earthly measures?

A child is born, and this child is helpless.  The child is totally dependent on other human life.  It takes a period of time for this child to be able to take care of itself in all matters, all manner of living.  This child, when a feeling of independence appears, there is an innate knowledge of a right and a wrong, instilled automatically, reacted to by the individual.

This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who It Has Been Revealed is The Holy Spirit of God, has passed to the world Information that should give strength to every living human being, because in this knowledge that God Himself would come to the world, be a Part of the world, walk amongst men, accept a vocation of mankind, walk in Dignity, Honor, Example, this proves The Father’s Generosity and His Love for mankind beyond any love man can think of, in This Magnitude.

It is important that the whole world receive the Messages that have been so Divinely Given, so Divinely Structured, for it to be easy for all personalities, all natures, all backgrounds, to learn about the Love The Father has for mankind.

When a parent hears the first word or words of a child, there is great excitement, emotion, and a feeling that a goal has been reached.  I want you to compare this to All that has been delivered through This Miracle.  You will not see the action, but you will be part of the action when an individual or individuals read the Words, and respond to the Lessons in the Words, the Love in the Words, the Importance in the Words, the Truth in the Words, and they will want to use All that they learn for the benefit of their Soul.

Each day that We Here take part in This Miracle designed by The Father, We smile with joy, We react to the joy, because it is so important for millions of Souls to learn about This Time, This Miracle, so that they will grow to become ‘Great Saints’ through What they learn, through What they imitate, and through their desire to please God above all things.  So be it.”

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