ON JULY 26, 1995 AT 2:04 PM


“I am Saint Boniface.  What I have to say is of Great Importance.  No man, woman or child, no activity of any kind, moral or immoral, is not in Our View every day, every night.  For some this might be difficult to comprehend, because mankind uses his or her own theory on what Sainthood is all about.  To many, Sainthood is of the past, only read about because of the lives of Some Who were named ‘Saints’.  There are millions of Souls Here in Heaven Whose Names are never even thought about, because nothing has ever been written about Them, so there is no memory of Them.

We hear some men, women and children talk lightly about Sainthood, to the point of indifference.  This Miracle has been given to the world.  It is the Greatest Gift God could give mankind to learn from, because It is a Miracle of Instruction, Direction, Purpose, Reason, deliberately instructing mankind on the Importance of human life, What it contains, and the Goal The Father has for it.

As Each of Us speak through one small voice and Our Words are recorded for millions of others to read, to learn from, and to see as a Beautiful Gift of Divine Love, All of Us oftentimes say how lucky mankind is, for it is being done so generously, lovingly, reasonably, allowing no guesswork to enter into the Direction, the Purpose for which mankind was created.

It is difficult for some to think of a Life beyond human life, especially in the manner of it relating to the Soul of the individual.  Mankind is so used to usually seeing human life in the form it is, but I assure you there is a much greater way to live, and that is through your Soul, That Portion of The Father that He so generously places within your inception, into the physical form.

I raise My hand in a Blessing familiar to you, but My Words perhaps will be different than you understand this Blessing to be.  As I touch your forehead, I remind you that you have an intellect, and through this intellect you have a will, a Gift from The Father.

I draw My hand down to the bone in your chest, and I say:  I touch your heart.  Remember, this beat that you feel is allowed by The Father, and this beat is a time of life for you, for this beat gives you the time to better understand the Importance of human life and that life is a living thing.  No man, woman or child wants life to end.  The Father, in giving a Soul, gives a Promise of Life Forever Hereafter.

I go to your left shoulder, and here I say:  You have been given arms to work with and to use in your daily manner of life.  Your arms have an importance in them, for without them you would be disabled.  Think of your arms connected to your Soul, because when the arms can no longer move, the Soul remains, and the Soul will carry on to do The Father’s Will Forever After.

I take you to your right shoulder, and I say to this part of you:  Most use this shoulder, this arm, to carry things and to do many other things with this arm.  The arms of human life are very important, for you work with your arms in many ways, and through your arms you feed your body.  The arms are used to cleanse the body.  What an important asset of human life.

All the working areas of human life have definite reason, definite purpose, definite advantage.  The Father has not denied human life anything, and He has Blessed human life with a Soul, a Portion of Himself that He requests mankind to return to Him after human life has fulfilled many works amongst mankind.  The Soul is a Blessed Gift from The Father, a Generous Gift of Love that nothing can compare to.  So be it.”

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