ON JULY 30, 1995 AT 2:13 PM


“I am Saint Charles of Borromeo.  It is important for all creeds to look into the importance of what is being instructed in their particular Faith in Spiritual performance and goal.

The world is in total chaos where spirituality is the key issue, the focal point of personal preference regarding the practice of beliefs in God, and what is expected of each human being in the direction of understanding of the Soul.  Some place so much emphasis on humanism, that humanism is the ultimate point of pleasure and point of importance.

We have used This Miracle to instruct mankind on the Importance of a Higher Being, and that through the physical being it is the means to reach for Sainthood, which is the Goal for all mankind.  Stubbornness of some people regarding the belief that human life is the ultimate force, source, and goal of all living things, does not make it so.

Mankind must go back in time and see the Love, Reason, and Purpose for which mankind was given a free will, and that it is and was, the greatest Gift God could give to mankind other than the Soul, because in God’s Love for mankind, He uses this will to allow mankind the privilege to reach for Sainthood.  This is likened to man’s innate desire to be successful.  God says, ‘It is a Gift that is based on showing love, appreciation for a Goal that is open to all Souls of all mankind.’

To say God is Generous is an understatement, because God’s Love has no bounds, but is based on a Love that is instilled at the moment of conception.”

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