ON AUGUST 2, 1995 AT 1:03 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.  I watched this little one grow in service at a very young age, dedicated to responding consistently and constantly to a child’s love for The Father, for Saint Joseph, and of course, for The Holy Mother.  She would kneel before the Altar and promise many things.  Innocence was evident, because many things she promised were not ordinary but extraordinary in content, in context.  We would All smile and say, ‘The day will come, the time will come, and she will be aware of the urgency for Souls to be saved.’

She would pass by My statue, know Who I was, but would go to the Others immediately.  We would All smile at this, for in one period of time it was a very small human being, and then at a later time, one who was growing rapidly.

We oftentimes take her back to remember the promises she made.  We All smile because she does not fully understand.  It is never taught to mankind, the importance of prayer as a child, and how when one grows to be an adult, We Here remember all incidences, all occurrences, all promises, all the love that is shown.

This Miracle that has been given to the world is One beyond what mankind terms ‘Greatness’, because The Father has marked This Time, This Miracle, to instruct all of mankind throughout the world on the Importance of the Soul.  There have been other times in past History when the Soul was mentioned as being Important to man and that the Soul was to reach for Heaven.

At no time has there ever been so much Instruction, so much emphasis, so much deliberate Wording regarding this Living Part of human life that mankind cannot feel as he or she feels a limb, they cannot hear as they hear other things.  They cannot touch It and feel Its Presence, but I, Saint Patrick say to you, ‘Within each human life there is an awareness that there is Something more to human life than mankind is fully instructed about or fully made aware of.’

Mankind is aware of mentality, progress, literature, financial areas, and yes, many other things, plus mankind is fully aware of the need of financial means, goal for support of the physical.  The greatest support of the physical is each individual’s ability to more fully understand that within the physical there is a Living Portion of God.  It is a Soul.

What makes mankind contemptible, sometimes unkind, mean, irritable, angry, sinful?  It is a lack of what man calls ‘self-control’, but how many, in realizing this fact of life, immediately says to himself or herself: ‘All these things are against the purity of my Soul.  I must change, I must seek purity of my mind, I must seek sound moral values, sound moral standards.  I must better understand others like myself who are human.  I must stop abusing others through my very manner of doing things’?

We hear some men, women, and even children, say their prayers are never heard.  They are looking for a sign of some kind, physical, but prayer sometimes is answered in a very subtle, quiet, beautiful way, because there is no prayer spoken or act of goodness not responded to.  We are always aware of what is occurring, because as Our Soul is the Light through which We stand Here in The Heavens, Our Soul is attracted automatically, immediately, to every prayer that is spoken and all other things that occur in the human way.

So much has been delivered in This Miracle regarding the Soul that, to this point, was a word not truly defined, and I would say little understood, but through the innocence of this little one, The Father has handed to the world a Knowledge of the Utmost Importance to all living human beings, that they are the custodians of a Portion of The Father.  They have responsibility to return this Soul to Him unscathed, unharmed, Pure in every way, as It was presented at the moment of conception.

We hear mankind say, ‘That is an impossibility.’ I, Saint Patrick say, ‘It very possibly is, but that is why there is a Purgatory.’ So little is spoken about Purgatory, but a wise man, woman or child always wants what they are getting to be perfect, the best, important.  They have it in their Soul.  Why then does not mankind cherish this Gift, and be aware of all things that could harm It through the daily actions of the mind and of the body, of one’s intentions, one’s obligations, one’s moral views, one’s moral decisions?

I bless mankind through This Miracle of The Father’s Love and in this Blessing I say, ‘All who write What I have spoken, all who will hear What I have spoken, all who will read the Words I have spoken, have the ability to individually reach for Sainthood by just changing some habits and other manner of doing things.’  So be it.”

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