ON AUGUST 2, 1995 AT 3:04 PM


“I have designed This Miracle and I call It ‘a Miracle’ because It is My Personal Attention to mankind that is different than mankind has ever openly been exposed to.  I speak through a little one to transfer My Words as I speak Them, because My Voice, or a Voice I would use, would be too much for mankind to be able to handle physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually.

In order for This Miracle to take place, I took a small one, a little one, and molded her mind, her love, her obedience, to be able to repeat All I wanted mankind to hear through her voice, and then through the Words that were to be written for millions to be able to read.  Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of Words have been spoken openly, formally instructing mankind on the Importance of human life, the Love I have designed it for and with.

My Gift of human life is a Gift beyond all other living things, because a Portion of Me is within this life, difficult for some to understand or to believe.  Mankind in many ways is ignoring the Importance of human life, the Purpose for which I created it.  There have been many times in the past that many men, through coarseness, through vulgarity, through jealousy, through eagerness for material things, performed many obscenities, desecrations, to Things that were Holy, things that were pure, things that I wanted mankind to be a part of, so that purity of mind, body and Soul would be evident at all times.

I have chosen ‘this time’, instructing mankind to see the Importance of human life, What it contains, the Goal I have for it.  As I speak to you, I speak to the little one through whom I allow My Words to be said.  Mankind must place in open places My Commandments, for none of These are being obeyed to any degree.  Mankind has shelved Them, and in many ways saying They are things of the past, not Instructions adaptable to this time in History.

I will not speak for a long period of time, but you must see in What I have spoken a great necessity, because you are fully aware that immorality is prevalent in all ages, in all races, all creeds, all degrees of knowledge, and in all occupations.

I will give the child a short rest, because there is so much yet to be accomplished through This Miracle of Mine that I have deliberately given at ‘this time’.  So be it.”

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