ON AUGUST 7, 1995 AT 2:20 PM


“I am Saint Aloysius.  It is difficult for mankind to understand This Gift of The Father’s Love that permits Many of Us Here to instruct mankind on the Importance of the Soul.  It is true you have many in your time who openly speak in reference to the Importance of man, and the Importance in man going to Jesus.

The Father has sent This Miracle to the whole world, not just to America where you live.  The whole world is in need of a greater Spiritual understanding because of so much emphasis being put on humanism, making humanism likened to God, actually in some cases, speaking of it in a superior manner, diminishing The Holy Trinity.

Some reading This might say: ‘I do not see it this way.  Humanism is important.  It is how we think, how we speak, how we live.  Our intellect is trained in all facets, all dimensions of education wherein human life responds, is a part of, and human life has the ability to absorb all that is offered.  Spiritual matters are in some way secondary to human life, because it is but a part of the human way of living.’

I could write pages on this diabolical interpretation, because without God there would be no human life, there would be no living things upon the earth.  Everything would be obliterated.  It is not just nonsensical, but diabolical for mankind to not see the value, the importance, the reality to the importance of Spiritual beliefs, response, in everyday living.

You live in a time wherein so much immorality is accepted, dismissing purity of the mind, the body, totally ignoring the recipient of all that is practiced daily, the Soul.

If human life was not Special, did not have a Goal, it would be like all other animals created, but it is not this way, and it is time for mankind to revolt against all that is diabolical, cast it out, and see the Beauty in All that The Father gives and All that The Father has to give.

The Soul is a Living Portion within mankind, and It is Distinct in Its Being.  It is a reflection of all that the individual says and does, because of It being a Living Portion of The Father.  It is not an inanimate object.

My Words are important, because in the time in which you live there is so much desecration to the human minds, the physical bodies all over the world, that Souls are being desecrated every moment of every day.

The Words spoken through This Miracle that bears the Name of The Holy Spirit of The Father must be handed to all people, no exceptions.  Remember what I have spoken.  So be it.”

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