ON AUGUST 9, 1995 AT 2:35 PM


“We wish We could gather the whole world where This Miracle is taking place, because of the Beauty of It, the Importance of It, the Love in It, and of course, the Goal that is so beautifully expressed through It for all Souls, not just those who hear what We have to say firsthand.

As We look at the world Where We are, We see heavily populated areas, thousands of people, some alone, some in large groups.  In other places We see people scattered, smaller groups; and then We see people traveling in small numbers, moving along with destinations.

When a child is conceived, there is an immediate Destination to this conception.  As the child travels through life, through all the steps of human living, many are not taught about the Reason for human life and its Destination.  This Miracle, This Gift of The Father’s Love has been sent to the world to remind mankind throughout the world that human life has a Goal, a Destination.  Human life has a Soul, human life has a nature, a personality, a will, a Goal.  Human life was designed according to The Father’s Love, Purpose, and in a way that mankind would be Special above all other life, all living things, any other matter.

There are Two of Us Here, speaking as if in conversation with this child.  One of Us is named ‘Saint Anastasia’, the Other ‘Saint Athanasius’.  We smile, listening to this child repeat Our Words.

Mankind has been Blessed at different times through time.  This Blessing that bears the Name of The Holy Spirit of The Father is totally addressed to the Importance of every living human being’s Soul.  We have heard some say, ‘If the Soul is so Important, why was not more spoken about It by men who have chosen active Spiritual clerical roles?’ I, Saint Athanasius, say that many would respond to this in this manner:  There were so many things to cover spiritually, that so much detail regarding Souls was not able, in ordinary instruction, to be deliberated upon so extensively.

This Miracle began in such a quiet way, but the little one through whom We All speak found that The Father opened many doors, many gates, many minds, to What could be occurring in the world in their time.  Some feared the results of the meetings with her because of the changes that would have to take place, and they did not see it feasible in this year, at this time, because of the set rules that were so strictly enforced by men in the clerical field.  There were many who stopped others from believing, others accepting This Gift of Divine Love, because of personal reasons, and because they could not handle so much strictness in What was being delivered, due to the fact that it was a time of leniency morally, physically, emotionally.

The world of mankind accepts a war between nations, between countries, between people, and they feel that this is a war they can accept, because they feel they understand the circumstances.  You are in the greatest war, the biggest battle that mankind could possibly ever be in.  It is not a war of nerves; it is a war between The Father and the enemy of God and man, satan.

Sometimes when We hear remarks after someone reads What We have spoken, it is a sadness to Us, because the individual or individuals are biased in their thinking, because they can see a war between nations; but, in reality, the world is in a war that one could describe as:  on one side is morality, on the other side is immorality.  On the side of morality there is truth, soundness, obedience to The Father’s Will, and Heaven as the Goal for the Soul.  On the other side, immorality, there is the stench of immorality evident and prevalent in all stages, vocations and places throughout the world.

This Gift of The Father’s is because of the need of Souls.  You do not hear your Soul screaming to The Father, shouting for help, begging for intercession to what is occurring within the human life They are a part of.

Many, as they read These Words will say, ‘This is difficult to believe, difficult for me to cope with, understanding this type of occurrence,’ but We Here in the Heavens assure you, it is important for mankind to take the time to see that human life is different than all other living things, and that human life has a Goal different than all other living things, and that is, to return the Soul to The Father in a Glorified State.

Mankind does not understand nor does he want to understand, that as the Soul is placed at the moment of conception, the Soul is eager to be a Part of this conception, because this conception will give to the Soul a ‘specific name’ in Heaven.  So be it.”

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