ON AUGUST 16, 1995 AT 12:57 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.  It is difficult for many to believe that This Miracle is true, because at no other time has mankind heard so Many of Us speak so directly.  It is important for mankind to see the Importance, the Value, and the Truths in This Gift of The Father’s Generosity and His Love.

Mankind is faced daily with decisions, many of them totally moral decisions, some based on words, some based on actions, and some based on interactions with other people.  An individual can read a book telling the individual what is expected of him or her regarding the protocol that must be followed in particular situations.  The protocol that must be followed in daily life is logically to remember Who created you, the Purpose of the creation, and of course, the Goal.

So many men, women and children open each day with no thought of recognizing God in any way.  So much is taken for granted, thus many times abusive to the Importance of human life, and of course, ignoring the Goal of human life.  We see millions of people every day, never once giving a thought, a word or an action that reveals that they truly understand that The Father is always present, and that within them they have a Gift from Him that nothing else can be compared to.  This Miracle that has been so generously given to man by God, can be compared to nothing else of value in the world.

My speaking to you today is to encourage you to help others better understand that human life is greater than all other living things, for in The Father’s Plan it was created to return to Him, a Saint.  It is sad to hear so many find it difficult to see this Close Connection, Association with The Creator of All Things, but pure logic should say to mankind: ‘There has to be a greater purpose for me than what I am in my eyes, and in the eyes of others.’

It is instinctive in most human beings to desire success, to reach for success, either in the way of popularity or financially.  Educationally it is important for many to strive to become academically superior.  There is nothing wrong with this.  It is in the nature of mankind, stimulated through the will of mankind to strive for success.  So then, why is it secondary to man’s thinking to become ‘a Saint’ at the end of the human life?  It is so important for mankind to fully understand the Gift of human life is not just ordinary.  It has a Goal.

Hopefully, after some who will read These Words, it will encourage them to reach for the Ultimate Goal intended for human life:  to return to God the Soul, a Saint.  So be it.”

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