ON AUGUST 17, 1995 AT 2:50 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  I have many times spoken through This Gift of The Father’s, rarely announcing My Name to the little one through whom I speak.

It is difficult for some very learned men to feel that This Miracle of The Father’s Love, that in reality is of a Magnitude of Instruction beyond what any man who wears the clerical garb could give, because of the Name of the One Who is dictating the Message has long left the earth, and is now a Saint in Heaven.

The world is in dire need of All the Instruction that has passed through this small child who acts only in obedience, because she has been trained by The Father to respond immediately because of the importance of what mankind must learn, must follow, must accept, because of the Importance of the Soul that without proper protection is placed in great jeopardy.

We hear so many laugh, ridicule, contradict, even insult This Miracle of The Father’s Love for all of mankind.  It is not always just ignorance of truth, but much is based on jealousy.  Jealousy is a trait of satan, jealousy was the downfall of his place in Heaven.  Many names are attached to this fallen angel, and in many ways it is difficult to apply the word ‘angel’ to him, because the word ‘angel’ depicts a Heavenly Body, different from The Saints, but nonetheless close to The Father, and of course, close to The Saints.

One day when men of sound Spiritual understanding, sound reasoning, sound Faith in how The Father Works, will see the Beauty of This Miracle, Our one hope is it will not be too late, because in the meantime so much is being spoken against the Value of This Miracle, the Importance of It, the Beauty of It, and of course, the Full Meaning that It stands for, and that is to encourage mankind to reach for Sainthood.  The Gift of human life, in its very structure, obviously has a Purpose beyond all other living creatures.

Past History, relating many of the struggles that mankind had with diabolical measures, means, cannot be ignored, but it is such sound reasoning to understand that The Father’s Love for mankind would send to the world a Gift to far surpass anything mankind could do, could think, could produce, to strengthen mankind’s understanding, and why The Father would create a human life known to be to His Image and Likeness and not give this life Something More within it to secure its role, its purpose, its safety, its course, that would ultimately return It to The Father.

My Blessings go each day to those who accept This Gift of Divine Love, because We All understand that mankind sometimes has to take some time to realize the Magnitude of a Gift of This Size, but My Words to mankind are, ‘Do not delay,’ because you do not truly know when The Father will choose the day for you to leave the earth and be Judged for all you have done, all you have accepted, in your Love for Him, your obedience to His Will and Way.  So be it.”

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