ON AUGUST 17, 1995 AT 3:29 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  There is so much The Father wants mankind to think about, to better understand, regarding the Importance of human life, and the Precious Gift of the Soul that is placed within each human life.  It is sad to not hear more spoken regarding this Gift that is the Ultimate in Purpose.  It is more Precious than any jewel mankind could have.

Mankind enjoys beautiful things, material, and also things that appear in the sky that have meaning, and are interesting to the mind and to the eye.  Mankind looks for progress, advancement, and many yearn to learn more about what the earth is all about, what the sky is all about, and of course, everything that pertains to the physical, mental role.

We see many who are drawn to Spiritual values, Spiritual instructions, positions, enjoying instructing others in their evaluations of Spiritual matters.  Sometimes We find that the basis for their knowledge is humanistic, and has been corroborated by those who feel they have much Spiritual insight, usually desiring much attention, because it is a field that is very often believed when someone is instructing on what they feel, what they feel they know is helpful to others.  There are many, many false leaders in Spiritual roles because of personal application and personal definition, very often ignoring the sound logic that is evident through learned men who walked in very important Spiritual roles.

You live in a time of what many of Us call ‘Spiritual chaos, Spiritual dilemma’.  So many men and women use spirituality as a dominance, as a control, promoting their own interpretation, and very often this interpretation is based on a diabolical role.  The foundation for sound Faith in God is based on God’s Commandments, and of course, some other areas in which Spiritual roles were obviously not just practical, not just deliberate, but sound in their practicality according to All that The Son of God stood for, practiced, and eventually suffered and died for.

At this time in the History of mankind, there are many false gods honored, because some of these gods are human in structure, and they are idolized because of their manner in how they speak, how impressive they are in what they say, and needless to say, they cause some people to be cast into a hypnotic spell of belief.  It is important for mankind to be very cautious in accepting all that he or she can read, listen to, and be tempted to follow.

It is important that all ages be reminded that God is above all things, and the beauty in following His Rules is a sound foundation for life, to be able to be seen, to be felt as being on the right track of Sainthood.  Saints are being cast aside by many who once used a Saint’s Name to get attention, and get others to practice what a particular Saint was known for.

You do live in a time that can be called ‘humanistic’ in all versions of it, all dimensions of it, in all practices of it, and of course, all goals available to it.  This Miracle that bears the Name of Saint Joseph, and also adds to This Name the Announcement that He is The Spirit of The Father, gives mankind assurance that through What is taught in All that is spoken, could never be diabolically oriented, because the enemy of God and man could not, or would not, give praise to This Particular Instruction that emphasizes the Importance of The Holy Spirit of God.  So be it.”

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