ON AUGUST 29, 1995 AT 12:50 PM


“There have been stories about My life when I was upon the earth.  Not all was recorded, because at that time records were not kept on all important occurrences, happenings, or activities.  When My life was depicted by mankind through pictures and verbal wording, mankind did not know all the details that took place.

This Gift of Life for the Soul that I was instructed to perform is being carried on in your day, but not always the fullness of Its meaning is spoken about, because mankind, through progressive thinking, eliminates much of the basic sound reasoning that was evident in My time.  It is true, mankind has carried through much of the detail, and added more up-to-date reasoning.

It is important for mankind to more fully understand that this Gift of Cleansing, of Purification, had great intention to It, above and beyond what mankind has been instructing, regarding this Act of Water and acceptance of its reason, because of what mankind believes:  that mankind is wiping away, cleansing the original sin of Adam and Eve.  In reality, Baptism has much more meaning, because in this Act of Water, there is an in-depth Gift of purification that, in its process, is intentionally telling mankind that it is important to not only cleanse the body, but the mind.

Man’s mind, man’s mental abilities are the means of action, motivation, intention in everyday living, so the Act of Baptism is a reminder throughout life that one must constantly be aware that the Act of Baptism does not stop at that point, but continues on through life, reminding mankind of the importance of purity of mind, body and Soul.

It is sad for Me to see Baptisms occurring, and all understanding of this Blessing being past History, with little reminder that Baptism is the forerunner of What the Father Wills for mankind:  purity in all things that pertain to thoughts, to the will, to abilities, and of course, to all human associations; and do not forget, the individual’s example to others must always be thought to be pure.  There are so many Lessons to be taught on this one Gift of The Father’s Love, but it is becoming less and less important, and is being taken as a necessity to be done, ignoring the full reason for it.

Mankind has no concept of the Magnitude of This Miracle that The Father has given to the world, because of His Love for mankind.  When We hear skepticism, ridiculous reasonings, jealousy, pessimistic attitudes, even vulgar remarks made where This Gift of The Father’s has been placed among mankind, verbally and scripturally, it brings a sadness beyond what mankind knows sadness to be.

We are All available to speak, to have Our Words written, so nothing that is presented cannot be read by millions.  I will speak more on this at a later date.”

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