ON AUGUST 30, 1995 AT 2:00 PM


“I am Saint Martha.  There are so Many of Us Here Who delight in speaking through This Beloved Miracle of The Holy Spirit of God, Saint Joseph.  Here in the Heavens, We have many things to do, because of so many Souls of mankind that The Father wants returned to Him in a State of Purity, so there will be no time delay in the Soul entering The Divine.

Mankind has many subjects to talk about, to learn about, human life experiences, so many things that can be termed ‘pure or impure’, ‘interesting or not interesting’.  Mankind has volumes of areas in which each thing can give great strength to the mind, the body, in favor of helping to make the Soul ‘a Saint’.  There are many forms of life upon the earth, but man is the ultimate Creation.  No matter how extensively mankind becomes knowledgeable, the Soul of the human life is the Greatest Goal that mankind has to reach.

The will of mankind plays a special role, even at the moment of birth, because whether it is seen in its full measure or not, the will of the child is active at this time.  Mankind is a special design, because of the senses of mankind, the intellect, the artistic abilities, the human nature, and then, of course, the ability of choice.  When choice has to be made of right or wrong, The Father’s Generosity in mankind’s structure is never truly recognized for how great it is, how special it is, how important it is.  This Miracle of Divine Love is handing to mankind verbally, and in written form, the Importance of life and all that is contained in life, plus much regarding the Portion of life that is to return to God, the Soul.

We watch happiness in many areas, sound, clean, clear happiness.  We’re also present where there is nothing but ugliness, sinfulness.  Mankind ignores the value of prayer, and many times only says it when it is convenient or not noticeable to others.  Prayer should be a constant communication silently, because in this way, in this communication, any human judgments that have to be made, will have the benefit of the strength of that communication to help in many ways.

Children should be taught that they can say a silent prayer, constantly keeping their activities in the Sight of God in a personal way.  No one has to know, no one has to share these moments that in so many ways will give strength, because God in His Love for all of mankind, all ages, is constantly Present through the Soul of each individual.  So be it.”

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