ON AUGUST 31, 1995 AT 2:18 PM


“I am Saint Thomas More.  The Father has handed to the whole world a Gift beyond human comprehension, based on His Love for all mankind.  There is no price tag on This Gift, no monetary means or measure could buy This Gift, could sell This Gift, could approve of This Gift.

Mankind in all stations of life have a need for This Gift, because It is a Gift that is designed to not just encourage mankind, but to direct mankind to the Gates of Heaven.  There is no bribery attached, no insulting gimmicks.  All that is taught, instructed, spoken, directed, is for the whole world of mankind, helping mankind to see the Value of human life and the Goal of human life.

It is important that All that has been given never be questioned, never be doubted, never have a price tag that will eliminate anyone from being able to receive any part of What The Father wants mankind to use, so that the Soul will be returned to Him as soon as possible after the physical life no longer lives.  Life is Eternal.  Mankind must understand this.  As the human life serves a Purpose, when this Purpose is no longer available, then the Soul takes over, and the Soul then, in returning to The Father, is used by The Father for the sake of other Souls.

What a beautiful Gift of life and for life The Father has designed.  Mankind has mental abilities, physical abilities, superior to any other creation.  Mankind has a will for determinations.  All things were considered by The Father in this Creation, so it is logical for mankind to understand there has to be more to human life than what man experiences daily.

Children must be taught to exercise their abilities for good, to train themselves to see the value of truth over untruth.  The Commandments of God must be instructed to a degree that there is no guesswork in Their full meaning.  It is important for all of mankind to value human life because, as you know, it is innate in mankind to want human life to be safe, to be well, and of course, many other things.

This Gift The Father has handed to the world, This Miracle of Instruction must never be set aside, because It is so practical for mankind to be able to follow.  There is so much logic in Everything that is spoken, Everything that is written.  This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit of God, cannot realistically be denied, because of the Importance of Everything that has passed through, because of The Father’s Love for the Special Creation of His, human life.  So be it.”

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