ON AUGUST 31, 1995 AT 2:45 PM


“I am Saint Pius X.  I am speaking to you as a Saint, not as the Vicar of Christ upon the earth.  It is important for mankind to see the Value of All that has been taught to mankind through The Gift of The Father’s Love at this time, in this year in which you live.

There is so much desecration to moral values, moral standards, to obligations, to responsibilities, regarding Spiritual growth, strengths, practices.  You must understand, those who will read These Words, that The Father has sent to the world a Great Message, a Great Miracle, because of the impurities of the mind and the body that mankind is causing, destroying, desecrating the Soul.

It is difficult for some to read These Words and to feel that These Words are meant for them, because they are so entrenched in infidelity, impure practices, that their way of life seems as though it is the only natural way for them to live, to follow, to accept, to practice.  Mankind was destined to become ‘a Saint’.  Mankind was given the ability to know purity from impurity, right from wrong.  Many times the very ones who sin the most want to be treated with dignity, and resent anyone approaching them and acting in an undignified manner to their human life.

Imagine how The Father feels when there is so much sin by an individual that desecrates the whole of the human being, plus automatically desecrating the Soul of the human being.  There are so many human laws that mankind is bound to, because of what certain men and some women have appointed as laws to be the rule of life, the rules to live by, the rules that if they are broken, those who break them must pay physically.  What about The Rules of God?  Each one of These is broken every day by millions of people.  Is it not important for mankind to see the injustice, and practice more sound morality?

So many at this moment have become so adjusted to sinning against every Commandment of The Father’s, that they do not feel any emotion or any contradiction in the offensiveness of what they are doing.  I could speak a long time, but The Father requested I speak to you on this matter.  There is so much for mankind to correct, to eliminate, to ignore, to stop, because if it continues, what is occurring throughout the world, The Father will be forced to not just show His Hand, but take a Firm Stand, and He does not want to do this.

This Miracle was given to give mankind a chance to see the importance of sound morality, and cast out of their lives indecency, immorality, ingratitude.  Every time One of Us speaks it is to instruct mankind on what a Treasured Gift of Love human life is, and that it is ignoring The Father’s Will, thus disgracing The Father’s Personal Gift of Love to each life, a Portion of Himself, the Soul.

All of Us Here in The Heavens say to mankind, ‘The time has come to see the Importance of human life, the Goal of human life, and the Love The Father has handed to mankind that no one or nothing else can give.’  So be it.”

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