ON SEPTEMBER 3, 1995 AT 2:55 PM


“The world has been Blessed by Me, because I have given to mankind My Blessing through My Personal Attention that is in much detail, through This Miracle of The Holy Spirit of Mine.

Mankind speaks much on the spirit of doing things, and in this wording, man means ‘the enthusiasm, interest, love, worth, and the intentions’ that are the foundation of whatever is the subject.  My Love for mankind is constantly encouraging man to resist all temptations that in any way have one speck, one tiny tinge of impurity, because impurity mars the Beauty of the Soul that is Special to man, because It is a Portion of Me.

My Commandments must become more obvious, more open to conversation and sight, because as They are now, They are mostly remembered as having been learned a long time ago, or through some picture wherein a human actor portrayed Their Words.  I constantly bless those who are good example to others, and who hold as their manner of daily living, that purity of mind and body are the action that all others see as example, in all areas of daily life.

I want My Words to be read by millions, so mankind will realize I am always present where they are because of the Soul that is within their being.  I never leave, nor does this Soul get distracted by anything or anyone.  My Love is beyond what human love is, and My Presence never ending.”

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