ON SEPTEMBER 5, 1995 AT 11:45 AM


“I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  Mankind looks at the Crucifix and the Wounds are not always as obvious as They should be.  Somehow or other, mankind diminishes the real physical agony because of the appearance of the Crucifix, or because the individual does not fully understand that as the nails were driven, Christ felt human pain.  When the Crucifix is seen, and the Thorns show Blood pouring from His Head, it is sad to see so little spoken about, that reveals such physical agony applied by men who had to know that such torture was not deserved, and that this Human Life had to be Special to endure and then forgive.

There were many present who heard His Words, also the words of those who hung on either side of Him.  Mankind very often practices injustice through selfishness, or by being a bully; and then there are times when it is directed by someone in charge, and the one who has been ordered to perform inhumane action does it for fear of the one who gave the order.

Historically, mankind has many times shown injustice to one or others, and rarely does it affect the perpetrator as much as it should.  Bible History has spoken much about many instances, occurrences, practices, that in different periods of time were elected or associated to the practices of that time.

Mankind, at this time in which you live, is supposed to be living in a civilized world, but sometimes when We see what is occurring, the definition of this particular word seems to be obviously only in imagination.  There is so much violence:  physical, mental, moral, in all races, all colors, all creeds, all degrees of intelligence.  We see greed, monetary and otherwise.  We see unkindness, different degrees of immorality that by their very nature would spell out loud, ring out loud, that it is, and would be against the purity of an individual’s or several individuals’ Souls.

Mankind talks about another Life Hereafter, and very often adds to this, remarks that definitely do not show that the individual, or individuals, truly see human life having for its Goal a Place beyond any human understanding.  Heaven is real.  Man’s Soul is real.  Morals are real.  The Commandments were given because of the need for mankind to have These to live by, because of the Importance of what human life was created for.

So much has been written by mankind on the laws of the land, the laws that were to protect mankind against all atrocities, against theft, and of course, every other means wherein mankind would be abused in some form wrongly.

As I speak through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, My Words are being written for millions to read.  If it was not important for These Words to be written for millions to learn more about the Importance of the Soul, then These Words would only have been spoken as conversation.  Nothing that passes through This Miracle of The Father’s Love is mere conversation.  It is instructive down to the minutest detail, and no living human being should not have All that has been given available to them in some form, in complete detail.

Mankind says, ‘Without water I cannot live.’ That is true.  What The Father has done in This Precious Gift is more than just water for life.  The Words are in so many ways a Means, Directions, to quench mankind’s thirst for Truth regarding what human life was created for, and also, what will help human life reach the Goal it was intended for.

The next time you read any Words from Any of Us, think of Them as Water and Manna from Heaven; then you will better understand what a parallel This Miracle is to what man must have in the human part of life.  Mankind says, ‘I cannot live without bread and water.’ We say, ‘That is true, but the Soul is a Living Part of human life, and each human being is responsible for the Life of That Soul to be returned to The Father for All Eternity.’  So be it.”

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