ON SEPTEMBER 6, 1995 AT 11:15 AM


“I am Saint Charles of Borromeo.  Initially This Gift of The Father’s Love for mankind was given to mankind long before It was formally announced to this little one through whom We All speak.  There were many evidences of What was being spoken that could not have been coming from her personal thinking, her personal ambitions, or her personal feelings.  For many years this little one was put through much Instruction, because when The Father chose a time, He wanted all things to be sufficiently ready because of the Importance of All that would be passed to mankind from The Divine.

There are many standing outside this place who are desperately trying to ignore All that is going on where she is, but like all Great Truths down through time, there will have to be a place, an area, an opening, that will reveal in a thrust What The Father Wills mankind to more fully understand, and to see the Value of All that has been delivered because of the Importance of the Soul that is present within each human life.  Never before has there been so much revealed on the Importance of the Soul of man that is instilled at the moment of conception.

Many who stand on the outside, who tower over her physically, and who have been trained in particular scientific theological ways, find it impossible to understand why The Father would not have chosen one of them, instead of such a little one; little in some ways, but it is obvious, strong, and I would say stronger than the ones who try to deny what she is all about because of their theological background, and their important places that some earned, and some have only because of knowing those who could do favors.  Not just one man, but several, in discussing her whereabouts and All that is passing through her, are questioning why they do not form a committee to interrogate her to find out firsthand what she is all about.

We All smile at this, because as those of you who are close to her know, she is strong in her values and standards wherein This Gift of The Father’s is of the Utmost Importance.  She is also aware of the personal dispositions of many men and women who she would distrust on sight, because of what she sees and is told by Many of Us.

The world is in a diabolical turmoil.  This is a sadness to see, because in so many ways mankind has made many scientific advancements that would be so beneficial, but along with such advancements there is much moral degeneracy.

It is important that those who are acquainted with this little one use time and motion for the benefit of their own Souls, and for the Souls of all who This Great Gift of The Father’s is intended for.  There is no man, woman or child that is not included in The Father’s Love, and there is no one He does not want to grow in a greater degree of Spiritual Grace, because of the Soul that must become ‘a Saint’.  So be it.”

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