ON SEPTEMBER 6, 1995 AT 3:02 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Mankind lives in a time in which educational endeavors are the ultimate goals to be gained in many fields, that before this time, only a small number were attracted to.  As this is occurring, there are many who feel that they are able, not just to cope with high theological theories, but become expert in this, on this, in ways that they in turn, use what they feel they have for many public audiences that are not qualified to fully determine what the speaker is trying to impress them with.

In the time of Moses, Everything that was delivered to him by The Father was clearly spoken, clearly defined, and Moses’ time with The Father, to learn All He had to say, was a much longer period of time than it has ever been revealed to be.  God instructed Moses deliberately, and in such a degree of understanding so that when Moses was to deliver to others What he had been given, it could All be clearly stated in Its fullest measure.

That time in History is a parallel to this time in which you live.  The Father has given to the world of mankind, clearly spoken, to be clearly written, All there is for mankind to clearly understand the Importance of why He created human life, and the Goal He intended for it.

We hear some say, ‘Have you heard about that Miracle wherein Saint Joseph is speaking?’ Others, in hearing this say: ‘Yes, I have, but it is my understanding it is not only Saint Joseph, and He is referred to with a different Name; He is referred to as “The Holy Spirit of The Father”.  Could this be true?’ I know this sounds not just questionable, but it is a logical reaction, because it is important for mankind to be able to hear the Instruction, or read What has been spoken, and then think about the Importance of It, and be able to see the reality of What has been taught.

So much has been delivered, and It has not traveled the distances that It was to have traveled.  The whole world must be sent All that has been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love.  This One Subject alone is of Great Importance for mankind to learn, and to better understand more about Saint Joseph, other than He was mere man.  Logic will say to many: ‘It is so reasonable.  This Statement makes much sense to me now, for who else would be chosen to be The Foster Father of The Son of God, than The Spirit of God?’

Much must be delivered in a more rapid manner, because mankind is walking in a state of confusion because of so much wrong direction being delivered through so-called ‘homilies and instruction’, ignoring the Importance of the Souls of the individuals that are subjected to the biased, and/or wrong information.”

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