ON SEPTEMBER 6, 1995 AT 4:31 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.  There is so much for mankind to learn about the Importance of human life and the Goal The Father has for each human being to become ‘a Saint’.

This little one We All use to speak Words of Instruction, of Direction, informative so that mankind can better understand what a great loving Gift human life is and always has been to man.  Mankind should think of this very important question:  If there was not a Goal of Importance for mankind to reach for, what would be the purpose for so much that has been spoken about, instructing on, regarding The Father’s Commandments, and the necessity for mankind to seek purity above all other things?  Also, why would there have been so much Instruction regarding the enemy of The Father and of man, and that it is important for mankind to resist having any contact with him, any exposure in dealing in his manner of doing things?

Mankind has been told about the Importance of the Soul, but so few truly feel the need for constantly being conscious of this Important Factor in life.  There are so many in your time, as there were in other times, who denied the reality that the enemy was always available, and that mankind should resist catering to him in any manner of living.

There are millions of people throughout the world who have never been instructed on the necessity for purity for human life.  There are so many who are falling into the pits of Hell because they are ignoring The Commandments of God and the necessity to protect the Soul from being cast into Hell.

This Gift of The Father’s to mankind has not been given for reasons just to give mankind something to read, something to think about, but the Importance of the Messages, Each One of Them, is a constant, consistent Instruction, alerting mankind to the importance of saving their own Soul, plus being good example to all other human beings.

Right now in the world there are so much diabolical practices that no man, woman or child has any distance to travel to find any of these things.  It is as close to them as their front door, as a door to a room, because it is a constant means available every moment of every day, not just using the innocence of some, but the greed and immorality of others, totally ignoring the Soul that The Father has given to mankind, to give strength to mankind, to fight off all temptation, and for mankind to be sure to protect the Soul, as the Soul protects mankind.  Some might say, ‘How can my Soul protect me?’ As a Portion of God, where could mankind find a greater protection?  It is the will of mankind that submits willingly, sometimes aggressively to the temptations that are available in all forms of entertainment, all needs of some for attention, and of course, all that appears as good, but are in reality deadly temptations.

As I speak at this time, it is important for mankind to know there are hundreds of Us Here with The Father, Who are more than willing to partake in all He desires Us to do, even if it means just one Soul to be returned to Him for All Eternity.  So be it.”

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