ON SEPTEMBER 19, 1995 AT 2:48 PM


“I am Saint Agnes.  Whenever We are requested to speak through this little one, it is in what mankind would call ‘a Gift of The Father’s Love’, handing to mankind a Treasury of Love.  It is sad to see so much diabolical dissension, depravities taking place in all areas, amongst all types of people, all ages.

Children imitate what they see, and are oftentimes victims of what they hear.  Children are not being instructed properly.  Many of Us Who speak through This Gift of The Father’s Love, ask Him why the Words are not harsher, because it appears as though mankind is avoiding to make changes, not fully understanding the abuses to the Soul, the indignities to the Soul, that are not just being practiced, but are becoming habits that will definitely be difficult to stop.  The Father always reminds Us of the will He has given to each human life.  He also reminds Us that He has given the world in-depth Instruction many times through others like themselves, so they could understand and relate to human language, and what was written in the language they would understand.

We All hear mankind shout ‘Freedom of thought, freedom of action; I want my freedom.’ Does mankind truly understand the responsibility that is automatically connected to freedom of any nature, any degree?

This Time of This Beautiful Miracle will go down historically as being a Time of Great Instruction, with no part of human life not spoken about; that is, regarding the mental, the physical, the moral, and also the personal weaknesses and strengths that mankind has been gifted with for important decisions.

Mankind many times refuses to recognize his or her own attitude, example, practices, in what can be termed ‘corruptive to the Soul’.  Mankind is used to making excuses, or more than excuses, absolving himself or herself from any wrong, saying that it was not meant to be immoral, to be indecent, or to be boldly acted out against any one of The Father’s Commandments.

The word ‘purity’ is almost extinct when it addresses anything regarding human actions, human thoughts, human ideas, human ideals, human relationships, human occupations, or human preoccupations.  Mankind must begin to see that throughout the world there are evidences of many diabolical practices that must cease, because of the Souls that will be lost.

It is sad to not hear mankind refer to the enemy of God and man.  It is as though satanism, satanic warfare, satanic involvement has been totally eliminated and is no longer a threat to the Souls of mankind.  It is true, mankind goes through many periods of taking firmer stands on moral issues, moral values, but at this time in the world immorality is accepted in all degrees, physical, mental, even Spiritual.

Mankind must learn to think before acting, speaking, accepting, acknowledging things that are dubious in their meaning.  You do live in a time that is a great sadness to The Father, but you have the privilege, the ability, the Source, the Means, to change many things, and represent outwardly, express and demand others with whom you are acquainted, and in everything you do openly, for others to see that morality is what you stand for in all things.

There is no price tag on goodness.  There is a terrible price tag on impurity.  There is a Hell.  Let no man tell you there is not, and it is not a terrible place.  So be it.”

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