ON SEPTEMBER 20, 1995 AT 12:28 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.  We are ever Present in great numbers where This Miracle of The Father’s is available for Each of Us to address mankind in and on, the Importance of that Special Gift from The Divine, the Soul.

Nowhere in the world has there ever been, or is there now, so much Personal Instruction on that Particular Portion of human life that is definitely, truly, positively, Part of The Divine.  This may be difficult for some very strong-willed minded people to accept, to understand, to believe, but nonetheless, it is Fact, it is Truth; else what part of mankind would become a Saint — the body that automatically no longer exists as a body?  Is not the head of the individual part of this body?  Would not logic say it had to be Something beyond what mankind can relate to as human, as part of the living human body?  Logic would say it had to be Something beyond, from the Beyond.

This Gift to the world of mankind, instructing all races, all creeds, on the Beauty of this Special Gift of Love from The Father, should give to mankind a security for life to be above all other things, and that through this Gift of The Father’s, a human identity will remain forever.

The Soul, as a Personal Gift of Divine Love because It is a Portion of The Father, is most difficult for many to understand.  But how many go to a physical doctor?  He listens for a sound in the body, or a beat that the individual is not aware of.  It is there.  It is some portion or something that gives the human doctor the information.  The Soul is constantly evident, because the Soul is a recipient of all that a human being does, says, reacts to, permits, and/or accepts, that in some way the mind, the nature, the conscience, the will, or the physical is evident.

So many Blessings have passed through This Miracle, so much Divine Love.  What a Gift mankind has at this time in which you live, because The Father has chosen ‘this time’ to instruct mankind on so much that mankind at one time might have heard of, but never in the detail that The Father has been, and is still giving through This Miracle of His Loving Holy Spirit.

This Miracle must be announced throughout the world.  It must be kept from no one, for no reason, because there is no human being that does exist in the physical form, that does not have a Portion of God within it.  So be it.”

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