ON SEPTEMBER 20, 1995 AT 2:20 PM


“Mankind would not expect Me to speak, and many will deny that My Words are Truly Mine.  I ask mankind, ‘Why is My Existence not always available?’ As The Father, I Am Forever, and I am everywhere at all times.  Mankind can be in only one place at one time, but as The Creator of All Things, I am everywhere at all times.

This Miracle of Communication with mankind that I have designed, and I have addressed It to human life, so that mankind can more fully understand My Purpose for the Creation of man.

Mankind talks about Bible History, historical events addressing subjects that were evident by what occurred, and the importance of that time, also sometimes mentioning names that were present, even those when I created the world.  Mankind learns through stories, and then the stories are put into script.  I am The Designer of All Communications between man and Myself, and also all the communications that are between men with other men.

It is Important, This Miracle I have handed to the world, because in It and through It, I have spoken to mankind Firsthand, and I have allowed Many Others to give mankind Direction, Instruction, and also, the benefits of being spoken to, regarding many personal issues.

In times past, there were times when I was forced to show My Anger, My Wrath.  I have handed through a little one, the Responsibility of listening to All Here with Me, Words of Direction, Words of Consolation, and Descriptive Words, instructing mankind on valuable areas wherein mankind must understand that there is an Important Goal for every human being.

I have given descriptions easy for man to understand.  I have allowed many things to be said so simply, so that there could be no doubt as to What I meant.  The Greatness of My Love is beyond any human measure.

The Reason for This Miracle is beyond any gift, any love that man could possibly measure.  This little one is an instrument in which I, in many ways, pass to mankind subjects for mankind to think about, Goals for mankind to use the human life to reach for.

I accept no excuses based on disbelief of This Gift of My Divine Love, because the time now is important, due to the fact that there is so much diabolical acceptance.  I see no rejection, not even in what others think are Holy places, Holy men and women.

I speak These Words Strongly, Firmly, Openly, and I want Them delivered throughout the world.  You will find a way, I assure you, and I will give you the strength, the energy, the Direction, because ‘I Will It To Be Done, And Soon.’”

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