ON SEPTEMBER 21, 1995 AT 3:28 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  There are so many areas of instruction, for instruction, needed by all of mankind at this time, because there are so many areas in daily living, whether an individual is at home all day, or out working in the world, or going to school.  Exposure to the habits, the interests and the degrees of morality that is part of everyday living, has a tremendous effect on the morals, the values, the standards, the intentions, the habits, and even the daily practices, because many people imitate everything they see, and everything they see others do, when it is attractive to them.

It is important that the whole world be given copies of All that has passed through This Miracle of The Father’s Love.  When This Miracle first began, there was much curiosity when some heard about It.  In others there was much animosity, and in others there was a feeling of wanting to attack What was being spoken, wanting proof of Everything that was being said, they themselves unable to discern the Magnitude of What was being given Firsthand.

Jealousy is a very serious weakness, because it many times robs an individual of important understanding of what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil.  Jealousy penetrates human nature, human ego, human abilities, human anxieties, human intentions, because of the personality of the individual or individuals, and of course, numerous other facets pertaining to upbringing or particular characteristics of an individual or individuals.

Many times We hear what mankind calls ‘arguing’, regarding the importance of what prayer is like, how it should be said, and comparing it to those of other religions, other Faiths, other backgrounds.  Many times the one who has the strongest degree of Faith falls short of being able to explain clearly the value of what they believe, because of the bombardment of so much animosity, ignorance, and even cruelty on matters of Faith and morals.  Then there are those who, in arguing so strongly, are basically the weakest in sound belief, because they are fighting inwardly for answers, and in their lack of understanding, their lack of capacity to fulfill their own needs, they strike out in a total lack of clarity and confuse issues that, if they would but listen instead of overreacting, they would find peace.

Mankind talks about war, its disastrous effect on everything, everyone, and then mankind discusses how peaceful things are.  Loving God within one’s own self, living daily, personally dedicated to this communication, to this oneness with God, has a peace beyond any other peace man can become aware of or participate in.

Children of all ages, some can be very young, and some can be of a much higher age group, but innately where there is happiness, agreement, peace of mind, respect, and different signs of Spiritual meaning, whether they be paintings, sculptures or readings, there is a tranquillity.

When We hear some so-called ‘preachers of the Faith’ expound loudly, deliberately on various issues, We hear no point of direction valuable to those who are present.  It is the individual seeking attention, seeking recognition, and very often monetary measures.

When Our Lord walked the earth, His Instructions were sound, quiet, deliberate, and were full of spirituality that had Direction, had Purpose, had Goal.  He very often spoke plainly, in a sincerity that was never mistaken, like hammering His Hand on a table or a bench, because His Words were so full of Worth that His Presence, the Strength in His Voice, the Direction that All Words were spoken in, had Peace in Them, because they were directed to the Souls of the individuals present.

As the Apostles gathered along the way, they were individuals.  They latched on to His Method of Instruction, because It was personal and yet strengthening.  It had within Each Word understanding, based on the Direction of what life had been created for.  That is what This Miracle is all about, giving to mankind of all ages, not just a sensible approach to the Importance of life, but a practical, logical approach to the Goal of life; not threatening, but instructing.

It is important for mankind to understand that This Gift of The Father’s Love traces back to when Our Lord walked the earth with the Apostles, and other men.  Men were instructed in how to instruct others.  Women were spoken about with respect, and they, too, learned the importance of their place that God had planned.  This Miracle is a Gift of Divine Love.  It is now as it was then.  So be it.”

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