ON SEPTEMBER 22, 1995 AT 1:50 PM


“I am Saint Cecilia.  Whenever One of Us Here is allowed to speak through This Precious Gift of The Father’s to mankind, there is a joy in Our midst beyond what We can describe to you.

As We lived at another time, Our way was different; but as We are allowed to speak, We are unified in so many ways, because This Gift of The Father’s Love was given to the world, the whole world, to teach mankind the Importance of human life and to instruct mankind on how to protect the Soul.

So much has been spoken about regarding the Soul, and many who have read All of the Words delivered might say, ‘We’ve heard so much about the Soul; how could we possibly hear any more?’ The Soul, as a Portion of The Father, is unlimited in Its Value, Its Purpose, and mankind must understand that through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, All that has been spoken regarding the Soul does not cover all the Soul is truly like, because The Father is indescribable in man’s words, in words that mankind can understand.

Mankind is using a more liberal act of prayer at this time in which you live; in fact, it is based on insufficient wording, not allowing the magnitude of what prayer truly is in connection to The Father.  Prayer is a communication, identifying an individual with The Supreme Being.  Even when a prayer is addressed to One of Us, it first passes through The Father, for He is in knowledge of all things, and constantly aware of all things at all times.

Not only children should be instructed on the importance of this communication that can be so private, so complete, and of such great help to the human being that is requesting, or is just even speaking on any subject in a prayerful way.  Mankind has eluded the importance of what prayer truly is, because there is not much instruction on the importance of it, the need for it, and of course, The Father’s Love to hear it at all times.

As man talks to man, woman talks to woman, a child talks to a child, it is a form of communication.  In many ways, it strengthens one or the other, or both.  It confirms what one is thinking.  It brings people close.  A prayer does the same thing, because the Soul of the individual is in instant contact with this prayer, and The Father is aware.  This should not be difficult for anyone to understand.  It is an important part of human life for mankind to remember.  There does not have to be a special occasion, request, or time, but a slight response of Love gives strength beyond what anything on earth can give.

Man says, ‘Companionship gives life more joy.’ If mankind will but remember, no one is ever alone because of the Soul that is within each human life, and This Soul, as a Portion of The Father, is closer than any two humans can be, so communication through thoughts, words, actions, is something to think about, something to be aware of, something to practice, because in its very essence it gives a strength morally, physically, and a deeper love.

The Father listens to every thought, every word, every action, because the Soul is that Perfect Communication.  So be it.”

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