ON SEPTEMBER 27, 1995 AT 12:55 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  The Father appoints One of Us to deliver to mankind Instruction, combined with Sound Reasoning, Sound Logic in how to become ‘a Saint’.

This Miracle is of a Magnitude that no man could design or possibly deliver.  All Things delivered through This Miracle are The Father’s Will, so that mankind of all races, all creeds, will more fully understand the Importance of human life, and that it was created for a Special Purpose.  The Purpose was The Father’s Will to share Heaven.  This is difficult for some to understand, because some would say: ‘If God is All Things, why would He have to share Heaven?  It is all there for Him now.’

There is no human life before this time, or at this time, or from this time on, that will ever fully, truly understand what God The Father is All About.  It is not for mankind to even suggest this, because The Father is The Creator of All Things and must be accepted in this manner, this way.  The earth, as man finds it, is historically written as having been in existence for a longer time than mankind can fully understand, but The Father, in His Design of man, created all things for specific reasons, leading up to the time that He designed human life.

Mankind has intellect, sensitivity, and the Gift of procreation of more human life.  If mankind did not have a Soul, mankind would be like all other animal life; but the Soul dignifies human life, and it associates in a closer means, way, with The Father, because of the Soul that is a Portion of Him.  The Soul gives an Inner Hope, an Inner Light.  The Soul is like a Connecting Link to Something beyond the earth, inexplainable, but is evidenced by man’s ability to understand right from wrong, good from evil.

The very structure of man’s life, born to the world, first dependent on others to be nourished with food, strengthened in many ways by those who take care physically, emotionally, mentally, preparing the individual in many ways.  One very important one is morality, purity of mind, body and Soul.  Granted, all children are not equally taught, equally instructed, but it is innate in an individual to see goodness, to see wrong.  Many times, if those who are in charge do not fulfill their obligation, their responsibility to instruct, in detail, the Importance of human life, a child in many ways must learn from outsiders.  Even though there are those who instruct an individual child, the Soul within that small body is evidenced by the little one’s actions in so many areas, instinctively, most of the time wanting right over wrong, and knowing when he or she is not complying in the proper way.

Human life is truly a Gift of Divine Love, because it has a Goal above and beyond everything else.  If all children throughout the world were taught simultaneously the same thing, it is true, they would not all react in the same responsive way, but I assure you that somewhere in the human brain, they themselves would see a difference and would innately question it, but not to the point where it would perhaps change the situation.  Mankind, as the bearer of the Gift of The Father’s Love, must understand that human life is a Precious Gift and must be treated as such, and not demoralized by satan’s intervention.

Sometimes We hear these words spoken: ‘I wish I could instruct all people on how important it is for children to understand the importance of doing what is right over what is wrong.’ The thought is a beautiful thought.  That is why it is important for mankind to spread This Miracle throughout the world, because in so many areas there are many who are instructing thousands of people at a time, who are instructing these people only for self-identification for himself or herself.

It is important that mankind realize that The Commandments of God are for all people, and should be instructed in a greater degree than what They have been presented in:  one line, one phrase.  There is so much more to These Commandments, and it is sad when We hear those who are learning Them, be restricted to such a conciseness, when this conciseness only diminishes what each one is all about.  The small children that are told, ‘You cannot do this; it is wrong,’ instinctively know when they are wrong.  This is the beginning of where the instruction should be, to a point where they can understand.  It is more than ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ There is a reason behind the correction, and it should be in the degree they will be able to handle.

The world at this time is in chaos morally, and logic says, if those who are beyond the age of reason cannot see the importance of morality, then changes must be made immediately.

I could speak on and on, because there is no limit to what can be said regarding the Importance of what human life was created for.  Many will not accept it, because they were not instructed in that manner, but Sainthood is the Goal, and there is nothing greater.  So be it.”

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