ON SEPTEMBER 27, 1995 AT 2:27 PM


“I am Saint Justin.  Mankind believes in Christmas, Easter, and when a New Year begins.  These three things I mention, because in many ways they are celebrated by men, women and children, and in the celebration there is always much festivity, and much concern for the very young and for those close to them.  These days I point out are small in number, and yet important to mankind because mankind makes them officially important.

All of Us Here in the Heavens, when We speak, there is a tremendous desire that mankind begin to feel the importance of every day in life, because each day has an importance in it that is above and beyond celebration.  It is important, because for every act, for every thought, for every deed, for every mood of each day, a Soul of the individual will be accountable to God.  To some, This Statement will not register in its full impact, but it is important for mankind to begin to see each day as being a day of responsibility, and a day that will be accountable to God for every act that was performed.  It is important for mankind to see human life as the privilege it is, because human life has a Goal beyond any other goal.

Men, women and children are told to read scripture, or some form of prayers drawing their attention to God, or some Particular Saint, or even to someone who they know who has died.

Materialism is most times of the utmost importance in mankind’s thinking or desire to obtain.  Many grievous sins are committed against one’s Soul because of the manner in which mankind achieves materialistic values.  Also, from little on, some children are taught that education is the most important thing to their welfare, because through education they will be able to strive for higher places; but what is left out many times, is any conversation regarding what the real Goal of life should be, and that is Sainthood.

At this time throughout the world, there are many forms of religious beliefs, most of them man-made, because through religion, many times there can be much financial gain, so when an individual, or individuals feel they have the knowledge, the ability, the personality, to instruct thousands of others on scripture, on believing in themselves, on the importance of learning to spread God’s Words, it is sad to see so much diabolical practices thrive in this manner of so-called ‘Spiritual beliefs, practices’, encouraging more and more and more to become involved.

At the time Our Lord walked the earth, and much of What He spoke was not heard in distant places, the Words were passed on through crowds, and it was difficult for the exactness to be transmitted, sometimes because of the different dialects, sometimes because of the beliefs that the individuals had, sometimes because there was so much interference.  That is what is happening today in your time.  There is much misinterpretation, much personal manipulation, and many preaching and teaching because they want attention, and of course, financial gain.

This Miracle has been given to the world, Most of which has been written, so that there can be no misinterpretation, no personal gratification, and so that all people reading the Words, no matter what religion they are, It is to instruct mankind on the Importance of their Soul.

It is sad to say, many times when The Father hands a Precious Gift to the world, It is abused.  All of Us Here in the Heavens constantly do all We are able to do, to protect This Miracle in many ways, in many areas.  Sometimes when We see someone, or more than one, not just speak out against This Gift of The Father’s Love, not just mistreat It, but who diabolically misinterpret It, it is difficult, because Each Word handed to mankind is like a Diamond of great worth, and for These Diamonds to be abused physically, morally, ungraciously, it is a sadness, because All that is given is beyond human ability to give; and also, if all men who were instructed in sound religious Factors, Truths, had been doing what they agreed to do, This Miracle would not have been necessary, but satan has so many devious methods to use, and many times will go to the highest places, to either confuse with his hate, his jealousy, or infuse wrong interpretation with his hate and/or jealousy.

I could speak hours on this subject, because it is a subject that mankind should not reject or resist thinking about.  It is important for mankind to look to the value of what a Precious Gift human life is, and to see beyond this value, as having a particular place above all other creations The Father has given.  Human life has abilities, mentality.  Human life has the power to decide on decisions available, choosing right over wrong, truth over untruth.  These Words have been spoken before.  Repetitiveness, as man knows, is the best instructor in the world.

As mankind learns to repeatedly learn more about The Father’s Commandments, mankind can become ‘a Great Saint’, because the more one learns, the more one applies the good in what they have learned, there are obviously great benefits.  Remember this.  So be it.”

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