ON SEPTEMBER 28, 1995 AT 11:07 AM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  As so Many of Us speak through This Gift of The Father’s to men, women and children, regarding the Importance of human life, the Goal of human life, Each of Us speaks in a personal way, because We see all of mankind in this way, not in masses of people, not in what mankind would call ‘groups’.  Some might say, ‘How can this be?’ The answer to this is very easy to explain.

As each human being has a Soul, It is My Soul united with All Souls yet upon the earth, and Those Who are Here with Me now.  We are identifiable to Each Other, but what mankind does not fully understand, that as the Soul is a Portion of The Father, each Soul is recognized in a union beyond what mankind can understand a union to be.

In human life mankind refers to others as relatives, and in this manner of connection, it is evident that one relative can recognize another relative easily, and quicker than they might recognize the relatives of others they know, because there is a lack of bond that does not unify the relationship.

As We speak, Any of Us Here, it is important for mankind to understand it is not a human being that speaks.  It is the ‘Soul’ of an individual human being that is being allowed to communicate to help others to understand the Importance of the Gift of God to man, Special, and of course, as a Portion of The Father.

Some very learned, highly educated people might find what I have just spoken not comfortable, or I might add somewhat difficult to understand, but this is a sadness to hear, because that automatically says that they do not understand the Importance of an individual’s Soul, and Its True Existence before It became Part of man.

Man is the ultimate Creation of The Father, and there are so many things that The Father instilled into mankind that nothing else created by Him has the ability, or advantage of having.  God created the earth.  The earth cannot speak; the earth does not have an education, a mind, a will, a nature.  God created animals, and it is natural for mankind to say, ‘It is the nature of the animal,’ because of something the animal does as a form of communication, or through its existence it has what man would term ‘habits, sensitivities’.  Mankind’s Creation has a Great Purpose, Great Goal, because of the Soul.

When some hear that a Saint has appeared some place and has delivered a Message, it is natural for the individual or group of people to visualize the human form of the Saint, and logic says that The Father would allow the Saint to be seen in this form, else man could not recognize what It was.

This Miracle has been delivered to the world, and It is More Precious than mankind can truly understand, because It is a constant, continuous delivering to mankind, the Importance of each one’s Soul.  There has never been another Miracle such as This One is.  No human mind would have this degree of understanding, or the ability to elaborate in such detail, because the Soul is beyond what human minds can comprehend.

The Soul is a Portion of The Father, a Light that is Beyond and Different than any light mankind can compare It to.  It is More than light.  Mankind talks about The Holy Spirit of God, and then perhaps in the same discussion confuses What The Holy Spirit of God Is, because mankind, in all the writings, has never been able to truly describe the full Union that a Soul has with God Himself.

You tell a child: ‘That was not a nice thing you just did.  It was unkind, and it was in many ways bad.  I do not want you to do that again.’ Instinctively mankind responds to what is wrong, so mankind many times openly has to correct the individual.  This Miracle has handed to the world so much Personal Direction, helping all of mankind to correct the wrongs, instructing mankind in a loving way, to see the Beauty of What The Father has given, a Personal Portion of Himself to live with Him for All Eternity.

A man or a woman does not have to be full of wisdom to understand what I have just spoken.  The logic in It rings Truth, and there can be very little evidence against It.  So be it.”

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