ON SEPTEMBER 28, 1995 AT 1:15 PM


“I am Saint Frances Cabrini.  To Each One of Us Who The Father allows to speak through This Miracle of His Divine Love, it brings a happiness deeper than We can truly define to mankind; This Miracle that gives Each of Us the privilege to talk to mankind in terms that are understandable, are instructive, and definitely full of Love beyond man’s comprehension.

The Soul of every human being is a Special Gift of The Father’s, because there is no other creation that has this Gift.  The Soul has a Purpose, and that is to become ‘a Saint in Heaven’.  So much has been instructed on the importance of purity of mind and body, through This Gift of The Father’s Love that bears the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit of God, Saint Joseph.

All that is spoken through This Miracle is to encourage mankind of all ages, all personalities, that mankind has a Special Goal, designed by The Father, and that is to spend with Him All Eternity.

Some might read These Words and say, ‘These Words are words that a human being has been taught, has learned, through instruction from some religious form of belief.’ Perhaps the Words have been heard before, but not in the Context They are delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love, enlightening mankind to the Importance of what human life was created for.  Human life is not just another creation that was meant to exist for a given time, and when that time ends there is nothing more for it to be a part of.

The Father’s Love is so Magnanimous in Its Very Existence, and His Love is beyond any human comprehension, so mankind has been instructed to the degree mankind can logically understand, but at ‘this point in time’, The Father has deliberately given so much more understanding of the Soul that is a Portion of God, and at the moment of conception is placed into the conception, to make that distinct difference between man and all other creations.

So Many of Us Here in the Heavens feel the privilege of speaking through This Miracle, because there are so many places and people throughout the world who do not fully understand the Importance of human life, and so when they instruct others, and develop their own way of expounding on the Bible, or other areas wherein scripture has been printed, they do not have the capability, the background, or the soundness, in the ‘full reason’ for which The Father holds human life in such a Special way, form, manner.

Children, and some adults do not fully understand the obligations mankind has to morality, because through sound moral values, sound moral standards, the Soul of the individual will be Judged.  It is important for mankind to understand that human life is not just for a period of time, and then it ends.  It has a Goal, and in this Goal there is nothing on earth that can compare to It.

Man oftentimes plays games, takes challenges, and many times enjoys taking chances.  It gives to man in some ways, entertainment; but also, in some ways there is a slight challenge to it, an inward desire to win whatever is being placed as the prize or gift.  In daily life man has the chance to meet all challenges, and to be totally aware of the importance of honesty, truth, moral values, in all that is said, done, exercised, participated in, because the reason is far greater, because the Goal is Far More Important than any human challenge, gain, that mankind can become a part of.

Heaven is sometimes spoken about in such a general form, almost as if It exists, but, it is more or less not necessary to dwell on It, because It is a Goal that is out of sight, almost out of reason, because no one has ever seen It.

This Miracle is a Gift of Divine Love, constantly and consistently alerting mankind how to become ‘a Saint’; the Greatest Goal, the Greatest Achievement, and It is available to every living human being, no exceptions here, no winners through a drawing, or through chances, but an individual’s opportunity, ability, and It is available to every living human being.  Knowing this, why would mankind do one thing to lose sight of attaining the Goal that is available to all human life?  So be it.”

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