ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1995 AT 1:22 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  It is important for all, What has been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s, instructing mankind on the Value of the Soul that is within each human life.

Mankind many times is so taken by what is spoken, delivered, expounded on, in a speech, in a sermon, or an opinion, that the individual or individuals, do not fully see the truth in what was delivered, or do they associate the words to sound instruction regarding their manner of living, the way they speak, or the company they keep.

So many times people who are generally pure in thoughts, in actions, in speech, are forced into areas where everyone they meet is immoral, indecent, and full of deceit.  This is tragedy for Us to see, for sometimes, no matter how strongly one fights to not be made a part of ugliness, the enemy of God and man forces the individual or individuals, to be not just exposed to everything, but to be forced into partaking in all that is wrong, all that is unacceptable by God.

The world is in chaos, moral chaos at this point in time.  It is being encouraged by thousands, and those who are encouraging it to generate more immorality will be held liable at a future time, but in the meantime, there are not enough men or women who feel they have the strength, or the power, or the human capacity to stop what they see occurring that is so vile, so contemptible, so ugly.

There are many areas called ‘Spiritual’ wherein the instructor reads words from a book, and then either he or she elaborates on the meaning of these words, throwing back into the minds of those listening, confusion and misinterpretation.  The innocence in so many are abominations, because they are being led into paths that are not realistic, but imaginary.

The Father has given to the world, in understandable Words, Important Lessons, written for mankind to read what a Generous God man has, and mankind does not truly see the Value of What is being taught, instructed, delivered, because mankind is hearing, and has heard, so much self-importance coming from human beings, so much wrong regarding where to place one’s efforts on daily living.

It is sad for so Many of Us Here, or I should say All of Us, to see so much moral corruption prevalent, constantly being acted out, accepted as normal for human beings.  Immorality is not normal and should never be acceptable, because immorality shouts loudly, ‘It is wrong,’ and it reeks of a stench of evil that is obvious, even to those who have adjusted to its practice.

As We see people of all ages making excuses for what they are doing wrong, what they are accepting that is wrong, and what they are practicing with others that is wrong, it is difficult to have to stand back and not shout for all to hear: ‘Stop! You have a Soul within you that is in tears.’

The Father has spoken so much through This Specific, Special, Important Gift for some time now, and yet there are those who openly deny that It exists, and many times these denials come from those who are so humanistic, and hold as more important to them the financial gain that they are accumulating from the innocent, because of their positions, their so-called ‘status’ regarding Spiritual endeavors, instructions and position.

The world must see the importance of obedience to God’s Commandments, and all of mankind must begin to look at each Commandment in its fullest, not in its conciseness, as it is so openly delivered.

The Father has granted mankind a Gift beyond what mankind understands This Gift to be, a Blessing of Instruction that is logical to all minds and bears within It common sense, pointing to the reality that life was created for a Goal unlike all other things, and that this Goal is being ignored because of so much diabolical interference.

We All shout for mankind to wake up, be alert, stop closing your mind to what is sound in Reason, sound in Purpose, because the Goal for life is the Highest Goal that anything could compare to, because Sainthood is only for human life, and Sainthood is the Goal mankind should strive for.  This does not mean to stop all enjoyment, to stop all that is normal, natural.

The Soul is a Living Portion in each human life.  The Soul is the recipient of all that man thinks, says, does.  The Soul is a Gift of Divine Light, and is to be returned to God at the moment of His Decision.  So be it.”

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