ON OCTOBER 2, 1995 AT 2:01 PM


“I am Saint Matthew.  The Father hands to mankind a Gift, Direct Communication of Instruction, deliberately explaining to mankind in a language understandable, the Importance of the Soul that mankind is the custodian of, the recipient of, in charge of, responsible for.  These Words are not just Words for something to say.  They have meaning of Instruction, deliberately giving to mankind Words of explanation, describing in full how Important the Soul is to man and to God.

When mankind says, ‘My feelings are hurt over a remark that was just said against me,’ this remark, no matter how small it might be, can cause an individual a feeling of depression, anxiety, and also a feeling of rejection.  Now compare this to the Importance of a Soul that basically is a Portion of The Father.  Why does not man feel the seriousness of a sin, of an act of immorality, or a sense of injustice, knowing that the Soul has been scandalized, belittled or disgraced?

Ask yourself:  Why is there not more concern over that Precious Gift of The Father’s Love that is the recipient of all that an individual does, thinks, speaks and participates in?  If mankind does realize that the Importance of human life automatically says dignity, respect, honor, then should not mankind instinctively feel there has to be Something of Great Importance connected in this Gift of human life?

You live in a time like many other times in History, wherein there is so much satanism actively present in all areas of life throughout the world; the very fact that there is so much obvious, spoken about, regarding infidelity, impurities of all kinds, and that mankind is ignoring God’s Commandments, thus basically degrading what man was born to be like, and the Goal mankind was to reach for automatically.

It is not the world in turmoil.  It is mankind’s manner of living, degrees of purity, degrees of morality, basing so much on humanism, rather than on what humanism does to the dignity of human life.  Adults want children to be truthful, and many do not tolerate lies, but I say: ‘One should look at himself or herself, and question what example is evident, and how much is truly being shown openly as purity in moral values and moral standards, and how much is physically being addressed as dignified, honorable, and something that could be termed “outstanding morally”?’

We could speak in every moment of every day, through this little one, on what mankind should do to examine one’s own way of life, one’s own conscience, one’s own capabilities, one’s own behavior, and then say, ‘Am I example that should be followed for the good of others’ Souls as well as my own?’ Self-examination of one’s conscience, practices, thoughts, words, actions, should be a daily act, so that when there is any question it can be corrected immediately.  So be it.”

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