ON OCTOBER 4, 1995 AT 5:20 PM


“I use one little one to instruct all of mankind of how Important human life is, and also about ‘That Portion of Me’ that each human being is given at the moment of conception.

I created mankind for a Special Purpose, and I have given mankind intellect, sensitivity to what is moral and what is immoral.  I have instructed mankind in many ways on the importance of dignity, because mankind is the only living thing that has within them a Portion of Me.

No one can fully understand All I Am, Who I Am, and What I Am All About, so Everything that has been delivered regarding Me, through This Miracle, is spoken or written in a manner that man can visualize as being Greater in All Ways than man can compare anything to.

This Miracle of My Love is more Special to mankind than mankind can possibly understand, but innately man knows that I Exist, because mankind is aware of the limitations of human life, and the incapabilities of human strengths, abilities, and measure of creativity.

The world of mankind is in great need for This Miracle, and those who have logic in how things can be so perfectly held in order, such as the earth, other planets, the stars, the sun, the moon and atmosphere, plus all other earthly things, could never deny that a Supreme Being holds all things in place.

I have given This Miracle to instruct mankind on the importance of goodness, morality, honesty and purity, so necessary for the protection of Souls.  There is no one, or nothing else, giving to mankind the importance of what is necessary for man to reach a Higher State of Living.  Death is not the end; it is intended to be a Great Beginning, because of the Soul of each human life.

What is being instructed by some to others is far from what I want mankind to value as the way to Me.  My Love is beyond what mankind can extend to others they love, and no man does not want someone or several to love him or her.

My Words are always a Blessing, a Direction, and given with Divine Love.”

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