ON OCTOBER 5, 1995 AT 12:40 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.  It is a privilege for Each of Us to be allowed by The Father to give Strength, Hope, Direction, and Spiritual Guidance to those who yet live in the physical role.

It is important for mankind to understand that human life is a Special Gift of Divine Love.  All ages, all cultures have this privilege to live daily, using talents, mentality, physical abilities, and of course, using the mind to be able to make decisions, some comfortable, some uncomfortable; to be able to make a choice of morality over immorality, to extend an act of kindness to another human being of any age group.  Human life has so many areas that give to it a special place, and in many ways a special honor, because in human life there is a Special Gift from The Father, a Portion of Himself, called ‘the Soul’.

Mankind does not like failure in any way, for any reason, even to the minutest detail or degree.  The Father, through This Miracle that instills into mankind logically, firmly, that mankind is gifted with a Special Gift of Divine Love, unseen, never truly felt, but there is an awareness in each human being that good over evil is the better choice; right over wrong, the correct choice; truth over untruth, sound in its very understanding, and always gives strength when it is done correctly.

The Father has handed to the world at ‘this time’, His Personal Love.  He has done it before, but each time it is done differently.  This time, through a small voice, a small form, but one that is obedient instantly, constantly to the Will of The Father, at the slightest touch to her Soul.

What mankind does not understand is that there is a relationship between God and man, Personal, because the Soul is a Portion of The Father, and mankind is the custodian of this Soul.  This Gift of Divine Love has within It the privilege and the duty to not just profess Faith in The Father, but to use what man calls ‘Faith’ to reach for a Higher Goal of living, of existing.

Through This Miracle of Divine Love, mankind has learned, and many are still learning from This Miracle, that the Soul, as a Portion of The Father, is the Greatest Connection, Closeness, that The Father could give to mankind, because of this Special Creation.

Some men and women feel they have great blessings, because they have what they call ‘Spiritual connections, closeness’ and are the custodians of psychic phenomena.  In dealing with this area of thinking, it is important for mankind to understand that many times a strong desire to be special must be watched carefully, because the enemy of God and man very often uses a desire of some man, woman, or even a child, to a degree beyond what the individual can recognize as not being from The Father, but from a source other than The Father.

When The Father hands to the world a Great Blessing, It is different in many ways.  All of the Instruction is dedicated, directed to the benefit of the individual’s Soul, not to personal attention.  It is dedicated to the Goal of the Soul, and the instrument is but the instrument, totally dedicated to obedience beyond what mankind understands such obedience to mean.  In reality, this obedience replaces much freedom of action and service to any other physical factor that mankind is used to participating in, used to excelling in, or used to desiring.

Love for The Father is so important because of the Importance of how many Souls will be saved from humanistic values, purely humanistic pleasures, and purely humanistic associations.  As I speak, I cannot describe the love, the intensity of dedication that I feel in your midst, but I want you to truly feel that all you do for the benefit of your Soul, and the Souls of others, is never unnoticed or without Blessings a hundredfold.  So be it.”

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