ON OCTOBER 5, 1995 AT 1:35 PM


“I am Saint Dominic.  We are All aware that there have been many books written on the Lives of The Saints.  Naturally, none of these stories could have been written in the fullest degree of the individual’s manner of living.  Essential points of interest were highlighted, but the full details would have been too much for the writer or the printer to be able to handle, because a certain amount of conciseness was necessary so the book could be published.

All that has passed through This Miracle is not being published, but The Father said that much had to be published, so that mankind could get a clearer picture, a more in-depth understanding of the Importance of human life, what it consisted of, and the Goal for which it was created.

Many of Us have been directed by The Father to speak at different times, so that mankind could associate Our Lives with previous stories they have heard about, or read, but in most stories the personal direction was not to those who were reading the material, but was on the individual for whom the book or story was the subject.

When The Father Decreed This Gift of His to be delivered, We were All told that much Instruction was the intention for so much to be written, and also that Many of Us would take part this particular time, so that mankind would better understand that human life was Important, and not just physical matter that had a beginning and an end.

As Each One of Us speaks, Everyone Here listens, because mankind cannot fully understand that Here in Heaven We are Saints.  We are The Souls that at one time existed within a human life that had a name, had a place, and of course, some had different talents, different manner of living than others.  Some lived very humbly, some lived in what you would call ‘aristocratic backgrounds’, those who followed specific Spiritual paths.  The stories are all different.

There are so many things that could be written about All The Souls that are Here in Heaven.  Today, at this time in which you live, it is My Soul delivering This Message; The Father’s Permission, The Father’s Direction.  Some men say, ‘How can this be?’ We All say, ‘Faith in God is innate, and It is not always spelled out in humanistic evaluations.’ So it is with Our Souls Here in Heaven.

It is not necessary for Us to describe Our life in the human way, but the Important Part of Our being here with you is to make you aware, help you better understand, that there is a Greater Life after the human way.  It is a Life beyond what mankind can compare anything to.  Mankind must understand that prayer is a communication that must never be neglected, cast aside, or forgotten, because prayer is a strengthening factor.  It is a closeness, because in this closeness, it gives hope, direction, and a sincere feeling that human life has a Goal, and that this Goal is realistic.

This Miracle is so Precious, so beyond any human conversation, it is important for mankind to receive All that has been written, because What will give one strength, hope, sound good intention, attention, benefiting the Soul beyond human comprehension.  Dedication to a Gift of The Father’s Love such as This One is, will never be forgotten, because through It, by It, with It, in It, a Soul far from where you are, might one day owe the Glorification of It, to the part you played in seeing that All the Revelations were delivered.  So be it.”

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