ON OCTOBER 6, 1995 AT 1:18 PM


“I am Saint Cyprian.  It would be difficult for those outside This Miracle to fully understand the Beauty that occurs when Anyone from Heaven speaks.  As soon as a Name is announced, or even when it is not announced, there is an awareness, not ordinary to human life.  The Father has given to the world a Precious Gift of His Divine Love, because of His Deep Love for mankind.

So many times, when We hear remarks regarding This Gift that an individual or individuals hear is taking place, We automatically want them to believe, to accept, to understand All that is actually occurring, because It is a Gift to all Souls of all of mankind.  This Gift is allowing mankind to learn about the Close Association each human being has with The Father every moment of human life, from the moment of conception until the life is taken at a given time.

It does not take a brilliant mind to see the Greatness in This Miracle of The Father’s Love.  All it takes is a small drop of human love, believing that The Father’s Love is Ultimate, and then the human love, though it be small in size, grows to a greater love, because within the life the Soul encourages the physical part to understand, to accept, to follow, and to realize that This Gift is not of mankind, but It is from The Divine.  Those who have heard about This Gift of The Father’s, and have either become very close to It, or who stand on the outside with a degree of Faith in It, are Blessed abundantly in many ways.

Mankind uses the word ‘faith’ regarding many things in life.  They have faith in other people, they have faith in achievement, they have faith to reach goals.  They have faith in what they read regarding many different situations, that these things have taken place, or are true.  They have faith in the justice of others, in the truth of others.  They have faith in prayer, that it will be heard.  They have faith when someone is ill, that the individual will be well.  They have faith in the abilities of those from whom they seek help:  teachers, doctors, lawyers, and many other areas who practice particular services that mankind is in need of.

Faith is in many ways strength.  So when an individual man, woman or child has Faith in God, this is the Ultimate of all Faiths, because there is nothing greater, no one greater than God.

It is sad when We hear some say they do not believe in God.  We sometimes try to initiate a relationship with someone who is strong in belief in God, with those who need help, but when We see it can be controversial, or not helpful to the one who has Faith, We do all We can to stop the relationship.  A lack of Faith in God has an emptiness in it.  There is no peace and the individual finds that there is emptiness, and they’re always struggling to fill that emptiness with something that is attractive to them, or they can indulge their time in.  The Souls of these individuals work diligently to help, in some way, to strengthen the Spiritual factor, so that the individual will not be lost.

Over the years there has been so much Instruction to mankind in so many areas of human life, and on so much that The Father has given to mankind for the Goal of the Soul of mankind.  Needless to say, that as I speak to you now, I can assure you Others will come after Me at different times; of course, until The Father decides that at this time enough will have been given, that a sufficient amount is available for all ages, all intellects, and all who at one time will be able to pick the Words up in many places, and read What has been passed through a little one in ‘this time’.  So be it.”

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