ON OCTOBER 6, 1995 AT 2:25 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  Mankind has been given a Blessing, not just dictated by The Father, but through All of The Saints that speak, The Father is in Charge, and The Father is constantly Present.

It is sad that mankind thinks that he or she is ever totally alone.  There is no possibility of this ever being the case, because of the Soul that is present in each living human being.

Mankind talks about Heaven, and has no conception of the Beauty It is, the Greatness It is, because mankind is limited in what is beautiful.  Nothing on earth can compare to the Beauty of Heaven.

Human life innately has been given what is termed ‘senses’:  sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of hearing.  All of these things give mankind a sense of judgment on all that he or she comes in contact with, is associated with, or in the daily practices of life, whether life is lived in a quiet manner, in the business world, or in some other form wherein others could be termed ‘Spiritual endeavors’.

The talents of mankind are numerous.  The abilities to do things physically are numerous, and for the most part, the mentalities of all individuals have different degrees of likes and dislikes, dreams, hopes, and in truth make life interesting.  When an individual has a specific talent of being able to help others morally, mentally, spiritually, physically, the one who is doing the instructing has a tremendous responsibility, because of the range of each one of these things that could be beneficial to the morals of the individual, or detrimental to the moral values of the individual.

Human life was created because of The Father’s Love, and This Love is different than mankind can understand love to be.  When a human being loves another human being, there is a degree of sharing, a degree of understanding, and a degree of personal communication in many ways.

Human life was designed, in some ways based on What God is All About, so that human life being the ultimate Gift of design, could associate, and of course, be the beneficiary of a Goal beyond any other goal man could reach in the human way.  The Father, in His Love for this design, placed within it a Portion of Himself.  This Portion is beyond what mankind could possibly, fully understand, because this Portion of The Father, called ‘a Soul’, is more than mankind could ever realize the Magnitude of, the Reality of, because this Soul participates in everything man does, everything man says, everything man feels, everything man contributes to.  The Soul is like a constant Companion Who never interferes, but resides within the individual, that is the One Part of man that totally belongs to God.

No man has ever described a Soul in Its fullest degree.  Only God can do this.  Through This Miracle of Divine Love, The Father has released more to mankind on the Importance of the Soul than mankind could ever conceive It to be.

As Each of Us speak through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, We want each one who hears What We say, who will read What We have said, to pass These Things on to others who are not close, because of the Value of What is spoken, What is delivered, so that all of mankind throughout the world will have the benefits of knowing, the benefits of participating in the knowledge of the Love The Father has for human life.

The word ‘love’ to mankind is special, because it gives strength, unity, hope, encouragement, safety, and eliminates what man terms ‘loneliness’.  This Miracle has, in so many ways, enlightened mankind to what a Treasure human life is, and what a Gift of Divine Love the Soul is to every human being.  All that has been given, instructing mankind on what a Treasure human life is, and what a Greater Treasure the Soul is, should automatically give everyone hope, because in All that has been spoken, if It is looked at correctly, seen for Its Worth, openly speaks:  The Father, in His Love for mankind, through the Soul He has placed within each life, expresses His Hope, His Love, allowing mankind strength to lean on every day and every night.  So be it.”

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