ON OCTOBER 9, 1995 AT 1:45 PM


“I am Saint Cecilia.  All of Us enjoy it when We hear a child named after Us, especially when the name is arrived at in Honor of Us.

Mankind is Special in design and in the Goal for which it is created.  It is beautiful when We see children of all ages referring to their name, or others’ names, as belonging to a Saint, because when a child uses the name in everyday life, We oftentimes check on the child who bears the name; not that other names are not as important, but it is what man calls ‘a mark’ that is remembered, and time does not erase it.

This Gift of The Father’s Divine Love is Special in a million ways, and mankind will not fully understand the Importance of It until they become ‘Saints’.  This Gift was handed to the world at a very ‘special time’, because like other times in History, there are memorable times that were based on much immorality, and these times do not bring happiness to remember, but usually The Father sent Strength in some form, also Direction, to help those who were living at the time to remember that purity of mind, body and Soul was the most important factor that man should recognize, be aware of, and also practice.

You live in a time of great sadness to The Father, only because there are so many diabolical practices being accepted as natural, as part of human life, living.  Some very great leaders that have much impact on the lives of others do not practice purity, but allow themselves to be vulnerable to incest, pornography, adultery, and everything that can be termed ‘detrimental’ to one’s Soul, or Many.

Heaven has given to the world so much Direction, easy for mankind to understand as logical, as sound, as practical, and as a proper understanding, a clear understanding, of the offenses that are being caused against The Father’s Commandments.

When two people argue, one is usually right, one is usually misinformed or wrong.  The argument can continue on sometimes through a whole lifetime, or the argument can be dismissed when no agreement can be made that is proper.  As We watch mankind, and We are so fully aware of This Great Gift of The Father’s Love, constantly instructing through Words understandable, We see so many rejecting the opportunity to act in a pure manner, a just manner.  There are so many things mankind is resisting, because of so much interference that is being caused by leniency of morals.  Immorality is indicative of Souls being lost to the Goal The Father wants for each One.

It is sad when We hear someone who reads All of Our Messages, or Some of Our Messages, or One of Our Messages, deny the Magnitude of What is spoken, because Everything that passes through This Miracle of The Father’s Love is not meant for just one individual, but for millions of men, women and children, for a long time to come.  So be it.”

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