ON OCTOBER 9, 1995 AT 4:15 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.  So much Direction, Love, Concern, has passed through This Gift of The Father’s Love, openly describing to mankind the Importance of human life, the Goal of human life, and What The Father Wills because of the Soul that is within each human life.

When mankind, at this time, listens to instruction regarding the Importance of human life, it is rarely said, it is rarely defined in its full concept, because mankind innately talks about humanistic values, pleasures, responsibilities, hopes, goals.  All of Us Who speak, deliberately caution mankind about offenses that are dangerous to the purity of the Soul.

We hear some men, women, shout interpretations of a Bible, encouraging those who listen to apply what they have discerned the words to mean to daily life, upgrading their spirituality to a higher level.  We see much innocence in the listeners, and We see some who feel closer to The Divine at these times, because of the deliberateness, the strength, and the sound of the voice of the one who is preaching, teaching dramatically.

It is important that when emotionalism is prominent, is overpowering, much can be lost in the content, but some who preach find emotionalism carries their words more dramatically, and puts much emphasis on their importance, their understanding, their abilities to instruct all who will listen.

When Our Lord walked the earth with the Apostles and other men, He did not shout, He did not scream so loud to impress them.  He spoke in a natural tone of voice, with Strength in the Instruction.  His Delivery was sound, and in this manner of doing it, everyone who listened felt and respected the Importance of What was spoken.  If He had not done it this way, much would have been lost, because shouting does not always allow an individual or individuals to fully understand what is being said.  You can compare this to anger, to emotionalism, which in many ways buries the subject matter, and there is much misconstruing of the facts that were delivered.

This Miracle The Father has given lacks emotionalism, does not interrogate, but is allowed to be written Word for Word at all times, so that mankind can look back at the time, and read Word for Word, What All of Us have spoken in a quiet manner, in a loving way.  It is important for children of all ages to be taught, instructed, encouraged, to more fully understand what a Precious Gift it is to be born as man, because it has a Goal beyond any other thing that mankind can plan, can participate in, can accomplish.

Children of all ages know right from wrong, and for the most part, innately know good from evil.  When a child is taught a lesson, the one who is instructing the child plays a very important part in what the child will remember, how much will be remembered.

As The Father allows so Many of Us to speak through This Miracle of His Love, Our Mission as a Saint in Heaven is to instruct mankind on the True Goal of life that is above and beyond all other human goals that mankind sets for himself or herself.  Mankind innately wants to win, mankind innately wants to have success.  There is no success greater for the Gift of life than Sainthood, and this is not being spoken about in any grand manner, except through This Miracle of The Father’s Love for all human life.

The Father does not ask an individual: ‘What religion are you?’ ‘How intelligent are you?’ But The Father does ask for everyone born, all ages, to value the Gift of life because of the Goal He has for it.

We listen to children throughout the world.  They are being instructed in what mankind would term ‘humanistic’ ideals, pleasures, practices, emotions, motions, goals.  It is important for This Miracle to reach the whole world, in spite of what any men who stand in high positions say against It, because This Gift of The Father’s Love is to enlighten mankind, encourage mankind, instruct mankind, to reach for Sainthood.  So be it.”

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