ON OCTOBER 11, 1995 AT 1:24 PM


“I am Saint John The Baptist.  Each time The Father chooses One of Us Here to speak through This Gift of His Love, We find It a Gift of Divine Love, because it is Our Soul that is chosen by Him to reach you at a particular time, for a particular reason.

This Gift of The Father’s to mankind is not just Special, but is Ultimate in Its Reason, Its Purpose, and in Its Manner of reaching you.  So many subjects are covered in a distinct way, instructing all of mankind on the Importance of human life, plus the Importance of the Soul that is the recipient of all the individual does, says, thinks, participates in.

Small children should be instructed on this Important Part of their life, and when they are being taught about what is right, what is possibly wrong, they should be told the importance of choosing what is good over what is bad.  They should be given a picture showing themselves making a decision, with Heaven on one side, and the enemy of God and man on the other side.  I assure you they will understand.  They say a picture is worth many words.  Every living human being cannot deny this, so it is obviously the way to teach children that a pure, proper decision is a happiness to God; a decision that is the opposite of this, is a sadness to God.

Sometimes adults try to instruct little ones regarding a subject, an action, a thought, a word, and they omit the importance of what each one of these things can be.  They omit the fact that the child may not have the ability to see that the same thing can be done right or wrong.  So much is given to children verbally, in pictures, and through description, that omits what the child should understand, because the one instructing or speaking does not rationalize the ability of the little listener, and so a lot of explanation is left up to imagination or interpretation.

You live in a time of great degrees of moral degradation.  Children of all ages are exposed to what mankind looks at as life, as normal, human, ignoring the fact that so much humanism can omit purity in its concept, in its description, in its thoroughness.  Mankind, all ages, find temptation in many things, actions, words, reading material, friendships, and in every area of life wherein there is contact, or just appearance of something that is vitally wrong, immoral, indecent, impure.  Many men and women are not morally strong enough to resist temptation themselves, and they totally ignore the practice of a prayer for help.

It is important that mankind realize that many Souls are in jeopardy because of the laxness in morality.  So Many of Us Here speak, wanting Some Part of What We say to protect one or more Souls, because of the Importance of What the Soul truly is.  Ask yourself:  Do you appreciate abuse from anyone else?  Does it make you happy, and do you encourage it to be often?  I cannot hear anyone say ‘Yes’ to this, so My Message to you is: ‘Use caution in all you partake in, all you are example of, because of the responsibility you have to protect the Soul that is within you, and the Souls of all others that could be a reflection of all you are, all you do, all you say, every day of your life.’  So be it.”

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