ON OCTOBER 12, 1995 AT 1:24 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.  The Father has given to the world, in a Personal Way, Instruction, Direction, through a small one who is obedient to His Will.

This is difficult for some to understand, because they are so entrapped by what is going on throughout the world, that is spiritually humanized by so many who are personally advocating, and encouraging others to see spirituality as emotional, and as a human energy that has the ability to speak for The Father in many ways.

This particular thing that is occurring is demonically based on humanism.  It is definitely not the way The Father would use mankind.  Satan imitates because he does not have the power, nor the desire, nor the inclination to stress purity of mind, body and Soul.  It is sad when We see so many not resisting what is obviously demonic, because they find the attention gives them more attention, and the more attention they get urges them on to feel they have the Power of God to do many things.

Hell is real; it is not something that was made for people to feel threatened by.  It is not imaginary, and mankind should understand that it is in the control of a dark angel, one who was cast out of Heaven.  This story of this occurrence may not have been given in its exact factual action, but it is truth.  It did happen, and he is the greatest enemy because of it.  Jealousy in any form, in any degree, for any reason, is dangerous because it is destructive, and does not allow happiness to enter in any way, any form, any manner.

Mankind, from the beginning, has come through stages of learning; that is, learning about being human, what is involved in the different degrees of human life, such as, from birth to becoming an adult, and then using the higher age to instruct others, and to live according to The Father’s Commandments so that the Soul can return to The Father, a Saint.  The Logic, the Truth is obvious, because innately mankind wants what is right, what is good, what is favorable, and resists what is wrong, what is destructive, what is unfavorable.

When This Miracle released to the world that Saint Joseph was The Holy Spirit of The Father, the Reality of What was being given was easy for many to understand, difficult for some, but in the end logic will win out, as Truth will always be the end result.

Human life goes through many stages, some interesting, some technical, some practical, and some very trying, but the Gift in human life of the ‘will’ is a Treasure, because an individual’s will can register strength, hope, change, rejecting all that is unpleasant, all that is wrong, all that is intimidating.

So Many of Us speak through This Miracle, because This Miracle is to give to mankind, all of mankind, Truth, and sensitivity to what human life is all about, not like all other creations.  Innately, mankind very often looks for success, is not happy losing in any way.

This Miracle of The Father’s is, in many ways, a Gift of Instruction beyond what any human being could give, because It is constantly instructing mankind on the Goal of Sainthood, and what mankind should reject, so as to avoid anything, anyone, any situation, that could interfere at arriving at the Goal intended for the Soul.  So be it.”

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