ON OCTOBER 13, 1995 AT 2:08 PM


“I am Saint Jude Thaddeus.  In so many areas mankind has stopped taking the time to use prayer to Many of Us Here.  Mankind has put so much emphasis on humanism, human associations, human dedication, ignoring the importance of communication to The Father, to Our Heavenly Mother, and to Many Saints Here.

Historically, mankind has experienced paganistic eras of time, but if one were to approach this subject at this time, there would be great debate, because so many feel that they are emotionally, mentally and physically associated with gifts that, in their way of thinking, dramatizes their belief that these actions are a communication beyond silent prayer.  True, prayer has many dimensions of communication, many ways to gain attention, but the prayer that We previously mentioned, that is, the prayer that is silent in many ways and yet communicates in such a personal way, must never be ignored by mankind, because mankind needs to have this communication in Union with All of Us Here.

There are so many who are acting out, dramatically shouting, and using physical energies to express what they feel, they mean, they say, and oftentimes much egoism is shown in these demonstrations, thus putting the emphasis on humanism, not on The Saints nor on God.

Mankind has a saying, ‘self-control, self-discipline’; very important for mankind to understand that these two measures of conduct can open much communication to The Divine.

Children are not being taught to speak to The Father or Someone Else Here, in the morning, during the day, or at night before they close their eyes to go to sleep.  In many ways, children are being shown that communication with The Father and Others, is in many ways like communication between themselves and friends, openly expressive, domineering and aggressive.

I have put these things in this frame, this form, to help mankind better understand prayer is an important communication between God and man.  Many times its very silence is consoling, and the silence gives much credence to the communication.  Mankind has become so obsolete in the dignity of prayer.  There is so much dissension, due to so much occurring that has taken the peace out of time for prayer, time for service in a special form.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love constantly instructs mankind in such simple forms, ways, degrees, manner, alerting mankind to the importance of communication in a dignified, loving way, no matter what age the individual is.  It is important for mankind to understand that communication with God is as close as the Soul that is within each human being.  So be it.”

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