ON OCTOBER 16, 1995 AT 1:00 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  This Gift that The Father has given to the world is more Precious than mankind can fully understand.  The Greatness of It, the Value of It is beyond what mankind could possibly define.

All the Lessons, Instructions, Advice, Information, that has been given in so many different terms, easy for mankind to understand, logical in Concept, and of course, important in Its Very Content, because there is no place in the world where so much Information regarding the Soul is being spoken about, written about.  Mankind does not always appreciate a Gift that is so Valuable, that nothing else can compare to It.  That is why The Father is requesting so Many of Us to speak openly, candidly, using Words understandable to all ages, all cultures, all creeds.

When a man, woman or child meets an important person, there is always great awe in how they feel, what they experience.  It is important to them as an individual, and they very often speak of this moment of treasure for a very long time.  This Miracle that The Father has so deliberately given to mankind, explaining so much about human life and the Purpose for which He created it, is Far Greater than anything mankind can experience in human life.  Thousands and thousands and thousands of Words deliberately spoken in detail, full explanation, can never be denied as to Where It was delivered From, because no human being has the ability to know such Important Information without It coming from the Highest Source.

We use a small voice, a strong will, because through these two areas of human life, We are assured that mankind will be spoken to as It is Directed to be, and All that has been told to be written will be done according to The Father’s Will.  Some men in high places cannot sincerely question What they read, but their nature, their egos are used to debate This Happening at ‘this time’, and even more than debate, they make decisions, because they cannot handle the Magnitude of what the Words all mean, and the littleness that is used to deliver These Messages according to The Father’s Will.

All that has been instructed must be delivered without question, without concern, to the whole world.  Let no doubts stop this from happening, let no jealousies interfere, and do not allow These Words to be stopped for any reason, because These Words are to be carried on for hundreds of years.  What I have spoken must never be ignored, because ‘this time’ is important for all Souls to one day come Here.”

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