ON OCTOBER 18, 1995 AT 2:45 PM


“I am Padre Pio.  I have been given permission to speak through this small instrument of The Father’s.  It is important for mankind to value human life, and to value even more, Faith in The Father, because through this Faith you will grow to become ‘a Great Saint’.

Mankind does not realize how valuable human life is, because mankind uses it as a daily means of survival, existing to a degree that financially allows mankind to live according to standards that are based on monetary values.  Compare This Statement with what I am about to say.

In the physical life man depends upon financial matters, position, and many times knowing certain other people.  The Soul is rarely a thought, because the Soul is not Part of the structure in which mankind survives each day; at least, that is what mankind thinks.  The Soul of every living human being is as much, or more than each breath a man takes, each step, each word.  The Soul is a Living Portion of human life, and is beyond what anything can be compared to in the living of each day, no matter how important circumstances become, conditions are, or goals reached.  The Soul, as a Portion of The Father, must never be set aside, must never be taken for granted, must never be burdened with flaws, with sin.  The Soul must be cared for meticulously by the mind and the body of the one in which It resides, because the Soul, as a Portion of The Father, must constantly be protected against all impurities.

When I was upon the earth, it is true, some thought I instructed harshly, but knowing what I knew about the Soul, I had a duty to perform beyond what others felt was necessary. This child through whom The Father has given a Monumental Task, fully understands the Responsibility, and many times is saddened by those who deny What they hear, What they read, and act oppositely, ignoring their ability to choose what is right, sound, moral.

It is a privilege for Me to speak through This Gift of The Father’s, because in speaking, it is My hope that those who remember My Name and My Way, will respect What I have spoken, because mankind must understand that the Soul of every living human being is More Important than any other part of human life, and It must be cared for morally, lovingly, because It has a Goal that no other part of human life has.

I am permitted to bless those who will read My Words; and the Blessing I practiced in My daily life was to, ‘Through your mind, remember that you have responsibility to return to The Father His Goal of Divine Love, your Soul.’  So be it.”

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