ON OCTOBER 19, 1995 AT 3:05 PM


“I am Saint Bernard.  We All know how difficult it is for some people to readily accept This Gift that is delivering to mankind Important Messages, to strengthen mankind morally, even physically, to combat all the ugliness, sinfulness, and demonic practices prevalent throughout the world.

Man can hear a story from another man, and no matter how outlandish the subject is, the listener can many times see value in the subject, or some reasonable understanding of the subject matter.  When The Father gives to the world so much Instruction, with very little need to have a great mind to determine what it means, it is sad to not see mankind revel in the Beauty, the Greatness, the Value of such Direction coming from The Father Himself, or through One of Us, according to His Will and Choice of Which One of Us it will be.

Mankind looks for logic, but many times ignores the logic, and is attracted only by what appeases his or her nature, personality, way of life.  Everything that has been spoken from One Here has been given to strengthen the moral values and moral standards of everyone who could be reached by These Words, because it will be the purity of the individual or individuals that will be the final judge for All Eternity.

We hear men, women, and even some children say, ‘How can I be pure in these ways when I am surrounded by so much other types of thinking, other types of amusement, other types who do not see purity, but act, not in conscience, but in going along with whatever is available to their sight, to their thinking, to their companionship?’ The world is saturated with so much diabolical intervention, intercession, and yet mankind knows what is right, what is wrong, and is fully aware instinctively that the correct choice is logical, moral, sensible, reasonable, and the most acceptable.

Ask yourself: ‘Why would I choose something that would be devastating to my mind, to my will, to my body, to my Soul, when I have the choice to choose what I know is right, is sound, is good, is correct, because as a human being I should seek respect for all I am, all I do, all I say, all I participate in?’ So many times an individual finds himself or herself in a situation that is nothing but an abomination to human dignity, and yet they find they do not have the courage, the will, to walk away.

We hear mankind say: ‘I have a free will.  I can do as I please, when I please, how I please.’ This alone should tell the individual what a Treasure human life is, to be able to make a decision at any given moment that has not just credibility to it but sound reasoning, plus the courage to stand up, honoring God with a purity that is obvious to everyone present, thus giving strength to everyone else, not connected to any applause or a lot of adulation, but an inward strength that has more recognition than shows.

The world is in turmoil, and there is so much emphasis on disobedience to God’s Commandments.  It is as though They never existed for some.  Every home should have Them on a wall for all to read, in print large enough for all to see.  Many people hang pictures that have no meaning at all, many wall decorations that no one looks at, but I promise you, if The Father’s Commandments are placed on a wall in detail, much attention will be shown, and if it is not shown, the very suggestion of The Commandments will leave a mark in the mind of those who see Them, and hopefully in the actions at a time when They are needed.  So be it.”

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