ON JULY 12, 1995 AT 1:35 PM


“I am Saint Justin.  I have spoken many times, rarely mentioning My Name to those present.  We hear all the conversations that take place in your efforts to spread This Beautiful Miracle where The Father wants It to be seen, to be read, to be understood for the Magnitude that is the purpose for It, the reason for It.

The Father, in choosing such a small instrument, did this for a specific reason.  There are many who stand outside who wonder why a loud voice, a large structure, a particular vocation of life was not chosen: ‘Why would The Father choose a small voice, a small structure, and one who was instructed and raised in a manner that was normal, that was in many ways healthy morally?’

Many of Us Here discuss with Each Other how to reach unreasonable minds for such a Great Gift, to penetrate in such simplicity, such clarity, such obvious important Lessons.

I am speaking briefly, and I will return at another time, but what I have spoken I want you to think about, because it is a question that arises many different places, many different times.  So be it.”

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