ON OCTOBER 31, 1995 AT 2:14 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.  This Gift of The Father’s, This Miracle that delivers to mankind so much Direction for the good of the Soul, so much Love for the human role, must be seen throughout the world as a Gift of Tremendous Dimension, based on Hope and Divine Love.

It is difficult for some to fully understand that The Father would love mankind to such a degree that He would speak openly, and then allow, and direct Others of Us Here to instruct all of mankind on the Importance of the Soul that is instilled at the moment of conception.  The repetitiveness of This Statement is to assure mankind of the Value of It, the Importance of It, because of the Reason for which mankind was created.

The Father is beyond any human comprehension, because mankind has the ability of understanding to a degree that The Father designed, and intended man to be able to use, to achieve the Goal of Sainthood.  Mankind very often uses a power play to get something done, and then sometimes pressures an individual or individuals to accomplish a goal.  The Father, in His Love for human life, has given mankind a will.  This will allows all individuals to make decisions that they understand, and also, to be able to reason the importance of the decision, the direction for which the decision will carry them mentally, morally, even physically.

The Father has designed human life with so many valuable senses, intentions, attentions, drives, encouragements, intelligence, in many ways, for many purposes, in many degrees.  These Gifts are Gifts of freedom to use as an individual chooses, which of course is why The Father gave a free will to mankind.  The Creation of man had many Reasons.  It was The Father’s Love, to share a place with Him, Portions of Him, so that mankind would one day be a Part of What He is, for All Eternity.

It is sad when We hear so little from mankind about the devastation that the enemy of God and man can cause to the mind and the will of many individuals, not just through confusion of thoughts and words and deeds, but through deliberate rejections of sound moral values, sound moral standards, sound reasoning for what is good, what would please The Father.

Mankind has the ability to make decisions that automatically reflect in the judgment of the individual, and the individual has the will to make a choice, right over wrong, truth over untruth, and of course, all this based on what the individual can associate to God’s Commandments, relying on The Commandments to make the right judgments.  What The Father wants for mankind through This Special Gift of This Miracle is to enlighten mankind to the options available, and to the Goal that awaits their Soul that was given to them at the moment of conception.

It is amazing to watch a small child, in making a decision, instinctively knowing what would be right, what would be wrong.  Decisions come at a very early age, and then grow with the child to bigger decisions.  You live in a time that is saturated with evil in many ways, but also much confusion because of the evil.  There are so many whose judgment is not practical, not logical, but in many ways selfish and ignorant, purposely, to what they know the correct decision is to be made.

Historically, mankind has passed through stages of severe attacks from the evil sources, and though it is not recognized openly at this time, it is obvious it is occurring throughout the world.  Mankind has a saying: ‘Turn a deaf ear to what you do not want to hear, pretend you do not see what you see, and then you are not liable for any infraction you might commit immorally.’

The Father looks at all things, and in the onslaught of so much diabolical intercession, He gave to the world a Miracle that was to instruct all of mankind on the Importance of the Soul, and that mankind has a responsibility to not ignore morality, but to fight for it, stand for it, and accept it, above and beyond anything that would be considered slightly immoral.

Needless to say, All the Teachings, All the Instructions, delivered through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, are limited in length but are multiplied in number, so that mankind is capable of reading, absorbing What has been delivered, to a degree that is not beyond capability.  There is so much Instruction for all types, personalities, nationalities, and Spiritual matters.  It is true, there are some who will be changed by the reading of one Revelation that has Sound Direction, and then it might take several more Revelations for others to see the Value, the Beauty, the Strength, to help them become ‘a Great Saint’.”

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