ON NOVEMBER 1, 1995 AT 1:50 PM


“I am Saint Agnes.  It is important for those in charge of the young to constantly remind them that The Commandments of The Father must be obeyed, because if They are not, it will displease Him, and He is concerned about their Soul, because that Soul is a Portion of Him.

Children are not being instructed properly.  Much instruction is being dismissed as being of the past theory, thus ignoring that mankind has a Soul, and that this Soul is the recipient of all actions, all thoughts, all words of the individual in whom The Father placed It.  The Soul is not even being spoken about, nor is there any instruction on It.  Everything points to the human side of mankind:  human talents, human values, human pleasures, human abilities, human friendships, relationships.

The humanism is destroying the soundness, and the reasonability that there is more to life than pleasures that pertain only to the body, and the experiences that many times are so threatening to the purity of one’s Soul.  It isn’t just a lack of respect, but a lack of understanding to the importance of moral values, moral standards, and that there is more to human life than physical experiences, that many times embrace much immorality.

We often see people of all ages searching endlessly for what they call ‘experiences’, ignoring of course what the experience entails, or ever questioning whether it is moral or immoral, and whether they would want God standing there while they were experiencing something that was utterly demonic.  So little is spoken, taught, instructed on weaknesses in human beings.  There are so many things that are available, are accepted, that are beneath human dignity, constantly violating the Soul.

As I speak, I am fully aware that there are places at this time where all ages are participating in total violation to what is morally acceptable.  I did not say they were enjoying it, because for the most part such violations cannot be termed ‘happy times’.  There are always clouds of unhappiness where there are sins being committed against an individual’s Soul.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love is Greater than any man, woman or child can truly, fully understand, but It is, and has been given in such a general form, with so much Divine Love, that there can be little doubt, or no doubt, from Where All These Messages are delivered from.

When We hear some say, ‘This Miracle cannot be true; God would not take this much time to say so much, knowing that mankind is going to do what he wills to do,’ and then there are others who say, ‘If This is true, why do These Messages not come from those who have dedicated their lifestyle, their vocations to Spiritual instruction?’ The answer to this is:  The Father has been known, many times, to choose one who He knows will do What He Wills to be done, in spite of all criticism and in spite of all the rejection, because you see, The Father’s Will is Far Stronger than any human will can be, but above and beyond this, as The Creator of All Things, there can be no question as to how He can always conquer any problems that arise, because no one is equal to Him.  So be it.”

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