ON NOVEMBER 2, 1995 AT 12:33 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  It is sad to see so much controversy in Spiritual matters, to the degree where sound Spiritual practices are being not just forsaken, but in many ways aborted.

My next Words might be difficult for some to believe, to understand, to accept, but in many homes there are fewer displays of a Crucifix.  It is difficult to understand why, and it is sad, because even though the sight of a Crucifix does not always cause a prayer, a silent prayer from the one seeing it, the sight of it says many things.  It says that the people who reside in that place recognize that The Son of God made a Great Sacrifice for them and for all of mankind.

There is too little spoken about how many sacrifices were made by those who were devoted and devout to a prayer life that was not just for personal needs, but for others; sometimes for safety, financial help, education, for work, for more happiness in the home, and many other areas of life that mankind deals with continuously.

We see so much occurring in the world today that appears as a state of confusion, more than a solemn event.  There is very little peace in families, and many times the relationship is strained because of differences in how one feels about his or her Spiritual ideas, versus what others feel, thus causing a strain instead of a unification.

This Gift The Father has given is a Gift of Instruction, and a Gift that is alerting mankind to the Importance of The Divine, and the necessity for respect in their Faith regarding The Father, The Son; The Holy Spirit, Saint Joseph, and of course, The Mother of everyone.

It is time that mankind stop abusing those that they are close to, and use the relationship as a means of better understanding the importance of solemnity in their prayer life, dignity in their physical life, and always respect for Spiritual acts that honor what is right, plus the obvious outward belief, The Father’s Commandments.  It is sad to see so many of These Commandments being diminished, because of the so-called ‘modernization’ of Faith in God.

Mankind must begin to stop dissecting the beauty of Spiritual acts, and see them for the benefit they are, the beauty, the importance, and the in-depth love that is associated with them.”

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